Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Smelly Media: Left is theft

Whenever I think I am going overboard with my thinking that if lefties are not evil, they are mental, and this mostly depends on where on the hierarchy they see themselves, if the party would gain full control... interlude:

I do not think any of my leftier than left friends consider themselves part of the peasants that starved in the name of the omelette, or the thousands of eggs cracked under the guilliotine in the name of the omelette; the cracked egg that were part of the necessary rational system. No, the intelligent ones see themselves as part of the central planners, and these are not the mental ones.

Yea, so whenever I think I am going overboard, the left gift horse keeps on giving, and this is happening sadly daily.

Left want new tax for the well to do

Left Alliance parliamentary group chair Annika Lapintie has proposed a so-called solidarity tax for those with yearly incomes topping 60,000 euros.
Left is theft.
This is the crux of the issue.
There is progressive taxation.
The ones earning more are paying more than just more taxes than the ones earning less, they are paying an extra premium on their earnings.
If one earns 20.000 and pays 4.000 tax, with linear taxation, one earning 60.000 would pay 12.000... But no, this is unequal, so the one earning 60.000 is taxed to something from 20.000 to 30.000 of his money.
What is the government giving as benefits to this person for his shamelessly high taxation?
Just the promise of no rioting.
So, this theft is basically the not-haves blackmailing the trying-to-haves with the threat of break in peace.
Since no amount of income taxation can touch the already-hads, they are happily enjoying the elites stealing from the trying-to-haves to give to the not-haves, with no expense to them. 
Socialism works, until you run out of someonelse's money. Thatcher.
But yea, let's assume that the left wants this tax for productive purposes.
Assumption. Wrong.
The tax would bring hundreds of millions of euros into state coffers in hard times, says Lapintie, adding that the money could help pay for publicly financed services and pay off state debt.
First reason: Publicly financed services.
She is not talking about roads, dams or infrastructure. Those are paid for by relevant taxes.
She is talking about the welfare state.
She is talking about Robin Hooding our way to a total economic collapse.
The second reason.
State debt.
Was it accrued for roads, dams or infrastructure? No. They were paid by relevant taxes used in their production and during their use.
She is talking about state debt that came out because the welfare state was handing out goodies.
Now that the have-nots are gotten used to the goodies, there is no turning back.
So, yea, Robin Hooding ourselves to a total economic collapse.
Why work? Would be the question I expect the younger generation to ask themselves.
Lapintie points out that a similar solidarity tax has been introduced in Greece and Portugal to shore up state funds in the debt-wrecked countries.
Which if I may remind the leftie, are EUs more socialist countries, whose welfare was paid for by the northern EU states, mostly the Germans.

Yea yea, ze Germans are filthy rich, the capitalistic f¤ckers...

Now that we are talking about it:

AL: Pensions to rise by more than wages

Pensions are to rise by more than wages from the turn of the year, reports the Tampere daily Aamulehti. Earnings-related pensions are set to rise by 3.6 percent, while state pensions will go up by 3.8 percent, each more than one percentage point more than wages.
Salaries are scheduled to rise by just 2.4 percent, according to the national framework agreement on incomes agreed last month.
Every week there is news of some big firm letting people go.. In tens, in hundreds.
But pensioners cannot take a little wavy ride in the crumbling economy.
I got nothing against the generation who fought the second world war to get their pensions. The hell they went through...
But anyone born after 1945 does not deserve any special treatment.
If the working people are going through crap economy, so shall the generation which was born after the war.
How will the state pay for all this?
People are getting sacked, the economy is going down the shitters (wait till Greece defaults or is sacked, the other's follow... Hell yesterday Belgium gave a warning...); but can't trouble the welfareists.
Because before this news came there were news about welfare increments.
Who is going to pay for this?

Pensioners’ association director Hannu Partanen estimates that pensioners will also get a bigger increase than wage-earners in 2012.
My fear is that one day the elderly will get too expensive for the state.

And since they won't be rioting like the welfareists in Greece, the vibrants in London, and since their generation was the one who screwed family values,having their children care squat for their independent elders,

The future looks bleak indeed.

Especially if the lefties get full power, with the proven socialist track record...

But until then,

Just keep on stealing from the working.

Until the goose says f¤ck you... if it does not die before that.

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