Sunday, December 11, 2011

Experiments in confidence

After my boy went to talk with the two hipster chicks behind me, a group of two guys and two girls asked if there is place on the table.

There was.

Instead of the cute little chubby chick dressed cross between goth and librarian; got to say a damn sexy combination; I got the redhead beside me.

Redhead, meaning unwashed looking hair where the black hair has been growing under the red paint, an ugly piercing over the lip, and a weathered face from too much partying and boozing.

It was impossible to guess if the was a hardcore partying hippie-punk aged 20 or some partying techno chick of 35...

"Where are you from" she asks, with puppy eyes.
I answer
"Wow.. that is original, never met one like that"
"And the next question is..."
"What the heck are you doing here".
"Yessss" she says

By now, my friend looks like he is doing good with the hipsters, and no sign of me needing to wing, and the woman beside me interests me zero, so I decide to try something. I decide to be non-specific, non-oriented, a lost soul, lost in his lostness.

"I ask the same question to myself"
"Yes, I look outside and ask myself what I am doing here"
"I know what you are talking about"
"Yep, I know you do"
"I lived in England for a year, in Thailand for six months" mentions two more places I forgot "but I came back to live here"
"Home pulls"
"Yes, but now I think to myself why I am here"
"Because you Finns are crazy"
"Yes we are"
"Yes, what crazy person would settle here 3000 years ago?" (A person pursued by even more crazier people, who are also more numerous. Demographics is god)
"Haha. There is even a cartoon about a caveman in the snow planting the Finnish flag saying "Yess", and in the next square it is 2011 and a young person is crying "Why the fuck here?"..."
"Seems to me the joke has truth in it."

"Why did you come here?"
"Just came"
"But why?"
"Got bored of the sunshine"
"So you opened the map and pointed here?"
"Plus a few other places.. but basically yes"

"Why so long?"
"Guess I must like it here"

"What do you do here?"
"In the uni."
"What are you teaching"
"Dont know if I want to teach"
"So what do you do?"
"This and that"
"You are strange"

Tipping point reached.

Now the next words coming from a girl who I would not shag with my enemy's dick:

"You are strange"
"How so?"
"You look so confident from the outside"
"..." no motion
"But the way you talk"
"..." still no motion
"There is something"
"Tell me more"
"It's, it's like you have no orientation, no aim, you just... I don't know.. From the outside you look so confident"

Now the guy who I think is the boyfriend interrupts and tells here something, she reacher for her bag, pulls out her phone and goes off.

Looking around there is nothing interesting in the bar, Das Experiment finished, I grab my stuff, make sure my buddy needs no wing and move on.

It took me less than five minutes to move myself from stud to creepy drifter. Just by the words I chose. That, to a woman that would mean deep sea diving for me.

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