Monday, December 05, 2011

You a lady? Don't say you are picky. Be.

Girl from the gym. The first time I saw her, I enjoyed what I saw, but was doing turkish get ups and did not have the luxury to enjoy the view more, or say hi while trying to balance the kettlebell.

Not blowing my shoulder joint was more important than my eyes undressing some yoga pants.

One night I see her in the bar, I lose her, and then I change places. On my way back, I see her exiting the old bar, so I go up to her,

"Hey, Gymname girl"

We start chatting, she is friendly, and she is my neighbor.

"You are not my type" she says after saying how much she like the way I train, but that I look intimidating, that she is picky, etc, so I simply shrug it off.

I do shrug with a smirk.

But that night ends.

I see her again in the gym for a short chat.

At last, last weekend, we were in the same venue.

I am running on three Glenmorangie 12 years Special Sherry Casket edition, she was running on a whole bottle of cheapass vodka.

Hands all over me,

"I did not want you to see me like this"
"I like your attitude"
-Slap on my chest-
"That is what I mean"
"yup", smirk.

Invites me to dance; I do not want to dance with a girl who is exploring the outer orbits, I send her off.

Like, push her towards the dancefloor, "You look like dancing"

Now, this seems very rude behavior, but this girl will need some heavier stuff.

She finishes her dancing and has apparently lost her friends, she finds me.

"Dude, she looks like into you, eh?" says my friend, one of the very few guys who is molded to be a good wingman;
"And smashed", I reply, while the girl has her hands on my winter cushioned sixpack.

If I remember right, I send her again away when she says
"I should look for my friends" translation: Grab me and ravage me
"Yea, you should."

I said that because I saw an old friend who I wanted to talk to. Gorgeous girl, good person.

So I go to this friend, as usual a warm conversation,

Ten minutes into the conversation, I see
While I am talking to a gorgeous friend of mine,

Ten minutes after the girl went looking for her friends, I spot her french kissing with some neo-hipster  who was not in her friends group.

Fine for me, as I would not be taking this smashed girl home anyway (a very important rule that I broke the next weekend) , she was free to do what she wanted.

But, she would not be heard using I am picky again.

I talked to her again in the gym, and she played hard to get, to which I just casually resumed by stretching, which pretty much consisted of looking like a frog taking a nap on the yoga mat.

As it is, the value of a woman's sexuality is dictated by her behavior, yes, past, and present, and predicted future, and as a femifist, I respect women's choices. Utterly,  totally, with unwavering hardness.

She will use it again,

"I am picky"
Ok, shrug. Treat like another pressure release valve.

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