Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Unfuckables

There was an incident I mentioned in my previous post:

Three guys sitting, good looking girl passes by, easily a nine.

"She's beautiful man" says one
"That one. But she likes enriching  vibrants"
"I'd rather fuck an orc as now that looks more attractive to me"
"I believe a woman that choses that man is not suitable for me" says our nicest one,
"Yea. If you'll build a house, would you build in on the enriched soil of Fukushima?"
Three heads bobbing up and down in agreement.

 It seems that fucking and enriching vibrant is becoming a fashion. Fine.

The only thing is this, I am an immigrant. Neither do I enrich, nor do I vibrate;

For me, and for many other men, Finnish, Western, non-Western, these women are undateable.

For me, and for many other men, these women are...


Once you let your pussy be enriched by a vibrating man's rod, you radiate that. You shine in the dark.

You are an enriched vibrant fucker.

You are unfuckable.

This is not hate, nor is this stopping women from doing what they want to do.

They chose to be enriched by vibration, they are so totally free to do that.

It is a sexual preference.

We chose to not fuck them with someone else's member.

It is a sexual preference.

Deeming them The Unfuckables is a sexual preference.

It is stopping us from fucking the glow in the dark enriched vibration loving womanhoods... Nothing else nothing more.

See, I like my women beautiful, smart, cute, dignified, fun, caring, appreciating, tall, short, and non-enriched, and non-vibrated.

Just like a woman has a list for men.

I like analogies, and to my friends on the table I used one.


Tasteless? Maybe...

But once this enriching vibrant fucking really lets loose its fashion, we will have a seociosexual Fukushima on our hands.

Fukushima was enriched. It was full of enriched plutonium. Then the earth vibrated.

My uttermost respects go out to the men who sacrificed themselves to keep the disaster in check. Their debts will never be repaid. Not by a society that has alienated its men to the point of men dropping out of society in the millions. 

What I am talking about is Fuckushima.

Fuckushima was enriched. It was full of enriched spermanium. Then the bed vibrated.

Fuck me if I sacrifice myself for that.

 You girls,

Who get enriched by any of the vibrants, some of who coincidentally just passed me right now,

Are Unfuckable.

Not out of hate, but out of disgust.

The Unfuckables.


  1. So what are these guys emanating that makes them fuckable to begin with? Douchebag game?

  2. Every man I have talked with, or every man who has opened his ideas without me prompting has one common feeling:


    See, nobody has this feeling towards hockey players with groupies, basketball players with groupies, welfare hippies, pothead unemployed writers, local meatheads, hipsters, Spaniards with lovetoys, Indian's playing the guru angle etc.

    Besides it being a fashion of "gotta tick that mark off the list",

    It is the combination of extreme machoness with plucked eyebrows, cheap and shiney clothing, and having 24 hours a day to hang around. Aggressive behavior and an aura of "the west has to pay" entitlement, helps, sadly an aura of "you Finn girls are whores anyway", helps;

    I could continue, but the main point in this event is that while having 24 hours of the day in their hand, payed by us, they have no discrimination between age 15 and 50, weight 50 and 500...

    Also helps that these men live in a place where masculinity or any kind of assertiveness has been trampled out of the average men by the same women who now yearn for some fake masculinity that finds home in plucked eyebrows and hair with tribal shavings etched into it.

    Douchebags are at least honest in some ways.

    1. It's depressing how women ruin their own men, but still get gina tingles for blacks,polacks,russkis,and various assorted immigrants....sadder still to see scandinavia going that way too.