Saturday, March 24, 2012

How much fake is too fake

How much fake is too fake was the question in my head when I learned the glasses the stylish dude is sporting are fake.

As an academic I may have something for bonobos claiming to be educated, so there may be a bias there.

Also may be reading too much into it.

I just see glasses in a different category than hats, jackets, thugs jeans, bananas in jeans etc.

Just the ramblings of a curious mind.

Off topic, this story brought this one man to mind:

The man who has been, with women and men, a socialization artist, the best I have ever met; unbelievable human skills, also happens to be a man whose sexuality started with donkeys.

Is there a connection?


  1. Does it work?

  2. For him it works.

    Dude looks like a vibrant enricher, but his elegantly stylish dress and the glasses help him to be perceived as a civilized person. As Cool.