Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finnkid gets bullied, multiculti crickets are chirping

Ahh.. We just last week had the anti racism week, and all the prominent people went out about on tolerance this tolerance that.

Then comes out this video of some vibrants bullying a kid who statistically has more chance to be something useful to the society than the vibrant shitheads. 

This was mentioned in a tabloid newspaper.

Did the state broadcaster who is always so eager to talk about how the immigrants are doing great stuff (i.e. being a social worker mention this? Nope.

Did the biggest newspaper mention this? Nope.

This was to be expected. The same news outlets have been shouting how some immigrant actually holds a job, praising them up and down heaven's all floors, while keeping silent on how more than 50% of their countrymen are on welfare, disproportionally criminal, and totally intolerant.

Another question,

Can you imagine the outrage that if the cultural groups in the video were reversed?

Ahh, one thing.

These kids have not been mentioned by the bigger media outlets, but you can be sure that the comments on these videos will be used as proof that Finns are dangerous racist bigots.

Of course somehow forgetting to mention that once again, if the cultures were reversed, you would have burning cars instead of racist youtube comments, but that is the wonderful warmth of multiculturalism in a cold spring.


  1. So...same as America, then. What tends to be the reaction of your average working Finn to stories like this? I see a lot of impotent anger here when I talk to friends about this kind of stuff. The sense of helplessness and lack of will to combat it, and a suspicion that maybe they are wrong in feeling anger over the MSM race narrative keeps us in line, I suppose.

  2. cecilhenryMarch 29, 2012

    check out white rabbit radio and BUGS radio.

    Great tools for fighting this Genocide.

  3. the reaction can be seen in the youtube comments. Reactions are "racist". But saying it out in the open at this point, you have to be extremely careful. Just now they were discussing "the tone of discussion" about the gipsy beggars, who are organized, and have taken over some other low level industries, in shady ways, and also are associated with an unusual increase in burglary. The tone. That is what is deemed important in the parliament. The one who got mugged, robbed, etc don't matter.

    If this is happening in the parliament, you can imagine how a normal Finn has his hands tied.

    The biggest danger to a Finn is a progressive Finn. Educated since year 1 by the multiculti state under the "consensus" idea, breaking away from the brainwashing is extremely difficult.

    A sense of helplessness comes from the animosity of the state towards Finns who see this stuff. it is real helplessness, but as the youtube comments and the 20% vote The Finns party got, things seem to be changing.

    The suspicion of being wrong over the MSM race narrative comes from the fact that people like the one in a story of mine, http://finndistan.blogspot.com/2012/01/when-diverstiy-means-exotic-food.html are way too abundant that any realist conversation in a public setting is impossible without being called racist.

    And of course, that is an opinion.