Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fuck you kebab shitters and you , the importers

4 am. Lying in bed. Still drunk, wondering what the fuck just happened.

Was talking to a Thai girl, cute little perk thing, who told me she wants to see me again. I told her I am no boyfriend material, she still talked to me. She disappeared,  so I went to take my jacket.

While I am talking to one of the Finns I know she reappears, and after some chat; BTW, she lives out of town,

"you want to come to areaxxx with us"
"i live in areaxxx", I say, her face lightens up.
"sorry, I want to Fuck you tonight" she says.

Some more chat, and her friend comes

"where you from?"
"half German half Turkish" yea, I am a child of multiculturalism, that hates the pc mc diversity bullshit,

A girl, who just told she is sorry that she wants to Fuck me, switches, makes a 180, and stops talking to me.

And it was not the German part that screwed me.

You fucking imported assholes, what the fuck do you do that a girl switches like that.

What the Fuck did my lamdesmänner do to make this possible?

I do not mourn the loss of some girl's evening fun, I don't care, I mourn the loss of humanity that is part of half of me.

You fucking asshholes, Fuck your past generations and Fuck your future generations. I don't know what you did, but for that kind of reaction ( not once, not twice; but general way of things) to get; what you did must have been evil as evil comes. May you and your bloodline rot in Hell.

And to the pro immigration shitheads. You will rot in Hell, but be sure that while you rot in Hell, your children will piss on your graves.

That is, if they decide that you deserve to have a grave to piss on.

Fuck you all. May Hell be not enough for your Shit that you make us live through.

...written on the phone by a drunk dude...

... also from this day on my name is Jürgen....

Fuck . You. Your bloodline. Your past. Your present. Your future.

Selective import of nonhumans can only succeed this much.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Goodnight to y'all.


  1. It's supremely stupid to try to take wild animals as house pets. That's why it's the blind pro-immigration dipshits that deserve the most hatred. The savages are just being themselves, they can't help it.

  2. That's it.

    I am not angry at the girl, she is doing the rational thing for self preservation, the wild animals are just being themselves;

    The pro-immigration, open borders, no need to do background check, "deporting is inhuman" crowd does deserve every hatred it will receive from its children and grandchildren.

  3. Is your mum turkish? or your dad?

  4. It does not matter. Having part from that region (from the totally nonvibrating %5 part) gives me little leeway with people when I talk.

    "Man I wish I could say that openly" is almost the standard response I get from fellow non-PC-infested Europeans.

    Oh, and my words are a joke compared to what my elders have to say.

  5. I don't think people would mind a whole lot if the Turkish part came fromy our Mum.

  6. Let's say this, most people I meet do not mind it either way. They understand a person is defined by what he has done, not by what some of his countrymen have done. The way you hold yourself, the way you act, the way you talk, the people you surround yourself with, what you do for work, what you do otherwise, in other words, who you are.

    In this story I did not have any time to set my case. The reaction was too strong, too fast. Yea, she could have known I do not look like some of the beach lions (rantaleijona, as the Finns call them), but apparently something has happened.

    And this has happened way too many times, that I am wondering how the west managed to import the dregs of a society that the majority of the exporting society tries its best not to deal with in daily life.

    Something lie what I heard about Cuba, that Castro was sending over all the criminal to the US when the US opened the borders.

    Well, seems like the EU is actively, voluntarily trying to do it.

    It makes no fucking sense when working under the usual assumptions of governance.

  7. I understand what you are saying. Recently one of my friends (an Indian guy) went as a tourist to Norway with his fiancee (a white American girl). They stopped by a Pakistani restaurant. In that restaurant the pakistani owner was talking on the phone with his friend apparently (also from pakistan apparently). They were talking in Urdu. While on the phone this pakistani said something to the effect, "Why is that fool Iqbal marrying that norwegian girl. Does he not know white women are only for fucking?" He said this while my friend was right in front of him with his fiance waiting to be seated. My friend was so furious, he showed the pakistani the finger and stormed out of the restaurant dragging his fiance with him. His comment to me, "What's wrong with these Norwegians? Importing medieval scum like this instead of educated people like us." Funny thing, the only way to immigrate to scandinavia is as a political refugee. My friend and I both design integrated circuits. It is impossible for us to immigrate to Norway and work permits are painful to get. I feel bad. Scandinavian countries never practiced colonialism. Yet they too are decaying. Countries like England which had huge colonial empires, I can understand the law of causation coming back to bite them in the ass. But why are Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden suffering when they did no historical wrongs? I would like someone to enlighten me on this.

  8. You would someone to enlighten you...

    the society would need someone to enlighten them.

    Anybody who has tried to point to some facts and associated problems has either been pulled to court by the state, silenced by death threats from the offended and their PC useful idiots, or has been exiled.

    Freedom of Speech 2012....