Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some wisdom about love

Back at one of my homes, we got a saying,

"Love is like a butterfly. It lands on grass, and it lands on shit"

Exact translation.

My question is, if the butterfly lands on shit, does the stink stick?

What if "Lust is like a butterfly"

What if "A fuck is like a butterfly"

Does the stink stick?

By no means am I implying I am a butterfly that only smells like roses, but then I am a hypocritical butterfly; "hypocritical" defined by  others than me. You ask me, I am totally congruent.

Another saying, that a senior in high school told me when I was 16... Something I should have listened to since then... I did not. I paid. Through the nose. By walking through the fires of hell, way more times than I can count.

"You fuck'em they love you,
You love'em, they fuck you"


I could tie this to the Unfuckables but actually I got the question in my mind when a girl who was smiling at me answered my "Hello there" with

"You are Jersey Jimmy's friend" I hear Designer Timmy
"Timmy. Yea. And I was wondering. You are the friend of the Designer then."
"No, no Jersey Jimmy."
"Ahh.. Jimmy the Douche"
"Yea we used to fuck hang out"
"For a short time. But it was long time ago"
"Like one and a half year ago"

Shagged Jersey Jimmy? Check
Calls one and a half years "Long time"? Check
Dating material? She seems to put a check in a box that was nuked into oblivion.

For me, this butterfly smells. A short pollination, that could be negotiated.

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