Sunday, March 11, 2012

Value assessment of some fine asses

Two guys who have relatively empty balls are enjoying the view:

"Fine ass" I say
"Yea, and she has shagged all the good looking guys in town, except me"
"You'd still tap that"
"Of course"


Same two guys, same night, a girl with a boyfriend in tow comes to say hi to a group of guys in front of us; and from the way the guys' hands were behaving, it was clear there was a history.

"Another fine ass"
"Yea. Definitely worth a tap"
"Worth a date?"
"Man. You effing crazy? She's been tapped by the whole group there. Would suck to be the boyfriend right now"


And then, not all N's are made equal.


Three guys sitting, good looking girl passes by, easily a nine.

"She's beautiful man" says one
"That one. But she likes enriching  vibrants"
"I'd rather fuck an orc as now that looks more attractive to me"
"I believe a woman that choses that man is not suitable for me" says our nicest one,
"Yea. If you'll build a house, would you build in on the enriched soil of Fukushima?"
Three heads bobbing up and down in agreement.

Different marketplaces, different rules, different ns, different Ns.

All respecting the choices made by the women. 

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