Thursday, March 08, 2012

Female oppression 2012

I will not write the long version due to wanting to keep mental sanity.

"Today is the celebration day of -somename-?" He asks.
"Ah. Yes. She was a very important woman for the rights of women" she says
"Well, she did a good job" he says...

"yes, but I just read an article about inequality in the paper" she says
"Is it about the wage gap?" He asks.
"Yes. And also they said that women have worse conditions in the workplace" she says..

I can't... I just can't...

"They wrote that, but more than 95 percent of deaths in the workplace are men" I say, calmly.
"But for example higher level nurses have stress even in their retirements", she says. 

Stress is worse that death,eh?

... you want to have a rational talk with that?

Good thing is, opening my mouth got me one ally, and put question marks in at least two guys' brains.


  1. A word to the wise is sufficient. I usually make a single contrary comment. The curious query me further. This is rare. What is common is that immediately every one else gets either aggressive or defensive. No point arguing with these people. At this point I just shrug my shoulders and walk away. I did my job. That was to speak up. If you're wise you get it. If you are sincere, you ask further. If not, I ain't wasting my time with the likes of you. My contrary comment was just to fish for my people. My allies. My brothers

  2. That I have learned the hard way, trying to discuss with lefties who claim that 50 million dead are unimportant in the big scheme of things while calling the US the Great Satan...

    I open my mouth, to fish for allies, or to open eyes that are slightly ajar.

    At work it does not make sense to nuke the hamsters, the price is too great, and one nuked hamster means nothing.

    One awoken lion, on the other hand...