Sunday, March 25, 2012

Repost:Short rants on the enrichers, unfuckables and vibrators

(Last eve, playing with the blogger app on the phone, I deleted this post. Got it back from google cache, and am reposting it. If you read it, no need to read again, but just go and watch that swedish clip again, just for the fun of it. )
Some questions arose when writing the Unfuckables post series, they could not make posts on their own, so I included them here.

I said they could not make posts on their own, but each could make a legitimate book that would shake the foundations of this unnatural  multiculti society and cause the author to be expelled from the society or just simply executed...


Where are the female vibrating enrichers?

Just yesterday I let out a rant by encountering a horde of enrichers on the street. Number of females? 0

Before that, Sunday, went to see a friend in my favorite coffee... Was greeted by three tables of designer enrichers, something between 10-15 of them. Number of females? 0... Ok there were two girls on the next table, but they were accompanied by a hipster who could be Spanish, who could be from vibrant locations.

Now, have four enrichers on the table across mine (this place is a cozy high class coffee... possibly will not survive the next year), three of their friends passed by to the backside, previously three thug wannabe's dropped by... Number of females? 0

Add-on: Later I realize there were three others in the backroom, 0 females.

How did my club, "The place to be", as the Finns used to say, go down in two-three months time? Vibrating enrichers started going there in groups of 5, 6, 9... Not one group... Suddenly the place turned into a enriched sausage fest. How many females? Without male escort, 0. With, 4-5.. Compared to, at worst times, 30-40 enrichers.

Where are the female vibrating enrichers?

Are the immigration officials sexist?

Are their vibrant enriching brothers not letting them out of the house?

Do they even exist?


Then the Swedish traitors make a movie.

Watch this 2 minute state sponsored clip, and after you puke, come back:

All good and dandy.. Lars get to get a blowjob from a disgusting fat slob...


So, Heidi sleeps with Abdul....

I don't sleep with Heidi.

In the name of integration like this song tells us to do,

Fatima sleeps with Lars.

Wait... There is no Fatima around. She is only seen with male escorts guarding her honor, or with multiple children, never less than three. 

Say, against all odds, Fatima and Lars met.

Fatima and Lars made integrating love.

Fatima is killed by Abdul.

Fatima is beaten by Abdul.

Fatima has acid thrown on her fave by Abdul.

Lars is beaten by Abdul.

Lars's sister Helga  is raped by Abdul.....

Kind of does not work as intended by the multicultist and the diversity zombies? Or, does it?


Touching on the above question.

Is honor violence a Western problem?

The last time I read our state broadcaster's multiculti zombie diversity virus carrying news, it was announced as Finland's problem with honor violence. Honor killings as much as reported, does not exist yet.

I tell this.

Honor killings, honor violence was never the West's problem.

It was not invented in the West, it was not taken in action in the West.

It is the imported "equal culture"'s problem, and would not be a problem in the west, if the importers would do minimal screening.

I am sorry for the girls who were subjected to this evil treatment, and may  the perpetrators rot in Hell. Sadly, our progressed criminal system will not do much, except lecture the Europeans on the evils of honor violence.

That is like teaching the deer on the evils of hunting, you idiots.

I refuse to be bogged down by accusations of honor violence, but I also make a wide berth around women who I know to be in the risk group.

Some flags are red flags.  Real red flags with active mines underneath.

But hey, honor violence is a European problem.

Ahh... Just fuck off.


In the same light, since when are clitorectomies a  western problem?

Alright, 400 years ago, it is claimed, western families used virginity belts on their women...

That was... half.. a... millennium... ago... Using enhanced underwear...

Cutting the clits, sewing shut the labias?

Western problem?

Fuck you.

Oh, and the new progressive idea of providing clitorectomies in the western countries as a welfare benefit so that these operations are not done in medieval ass backwards sand huts?

Fuck you twice, with burning wood planks from Hell...

While at it, why not let the state take over honor violence? Make it more humane.



When I say these things I say, some progressive chick with an amoeba for a brain will tell me

"But they also have a right to love"

When I say other stuff, like, "You know, the Finnish men are not that bad that they deserve this shitstorm.. These men could be the best men when shown some love and appreciation"

"Fuck you. I am not a prostitute."....

So an vibrating enricher has a right to love, when a western man can "Fuck off and die"...

Ja bitches, ja... Once zees western men die, zen you will zee what it is like to live in sand huts in ze -25 winter....

ze will be good...a lot of bonoboing around... even if half your kids die of starvation... of, and no iphones.


After asking one question like this. one asks other questions, and others, and others....

It is an avalanche of revelations,

And one of these revelations is that

The infliction of this cancer upon the western people is no mistake.

It is a deliberate act of hostility, not a stupid good-willed act gone wrong.

It is  planned, calculated and executed; as a small part of a bigger operation.

This is the only explanation for a plan functioning so perfectly for the detriment of indigenous westerners.

The future will write "Treason", for this century of the West.

The Age of Treason


While writing this post, added to the above listed vibrating enrichers, eight more came in (3+3+2)... Females: 0

I rest my case.

Either there has been a gendercide, of a total immigration discrimination, or we have imported some ass backwards people.

Viva la diversiteeee!!!!



  1. Grit had said:

    Dude your society is fucked when its socially acceptable to make videos like that. Not because of the pro-immigration schtick, but because they portray like 90% of the immigrants they show are women which you seem to disprove in your observations.

    You honestly need to get some black ghetto thugs there. That will make your multi-mix shake in their shoes, cause you know that the USAs black rapper gangstas are the true badass thugs.

  2. I had replied:

    Sweden is fucked, and in history it will go down as the canary in the coal mine.

    Of course we got female immigrants... How many of the vibrating kind, that is hard to tell.. 0? At least out on the street, not being accompanied by a male escort, not pushing few trams, that number is 0.

    We have our own wanna be ghetto thugs over here. It is the image/fashion of choice for a specific kind of vibrant. And with the image/fashion, the behavior does not follow far behind, look at Oslo, look at Stockholm.

    But then we also got the other kinds of vibrations.

    All together, making for a very vibrant community,

    And I wish for the director and the singer of that shit of a movie to try to put his head on the nipples of some vibrant enriching female, like he tells Nazi-Lars to do, and see where he will find his head.

    Btw, if we call the Swedes Nazi-Lars, can I use descriptive terms also for Abdul, Fatima etc?

    Better not.