Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Unfuckables - A sensible explanation

In my previous two posts I touched on what I call The Unfuckables.

An Unfuckable is a woman who has gotten fucked by an enriching vibrant. Out of love, passion, of fashion, it does not matter.

Intimate contact, any king of penetration, and any kind of fluid exchange suffices.

My last post would have sounded like hate to the ones so inclined; inclined to find hate and oppression under every stone.

But it actually is very simple.

For ladies, a few questions about who you would like not to sleep with:

Would you sleep with a smelly homeless bum?
Would you sleep with a guy who has 100 kilos extra fat?
Would you sleep with a creepy nerd?
Would you sleep with a loser?
Would you sleep with a man who has payed for dates with your obese friend?
Would you sleep with a man who you know has to pay for sex to get laid?

For men, a few quick questions

Would you sleep with a 200 kilo woman?
Would you sleep with an ugly woman?
Would you sleep with a woman who has sucked the basketball team five minutes ago?
Would you sleep with a woman who just got rawdogged by the three bouncers of the bar?


Are you women hating all the types of men you don't sleep with?

Actually, knowing women, the answer is a likely "Yes"

Are you men hating all the types of women you don't sleep with?

No. It is just an issue of sexual preference. You are free not to fuck who you don't want to fuck.

For some men,

We would not sleep with women who have been vibrated by enriching cock.

Maybe there is an element of a self defense mechanism in play,

A woman who could get attracted to such a man, is not a woman with whom any good thing can happen in the short or long term, as she has shown she will be attracted to qualities that I do not possess, (non)qualities that I detest, and am disgusted by. We do not share the same interests. We do not share the same sexual preferences. We are just too different.

Would not want to put any woman through that.

Especially would not want to unleash this bad relationship on an Unfuckable. 

This, my friends was

"The Unfuckables for Idiots."


If I go into so much detail into The Unfuckables, I should go into some detail about enriching vibrants, enriching vibrating cock, vibrating enrichers etc.

I will call them vibrating enrichers, as this is the term I like most.

Being a vibrating enricher is a choice, so it is not something you are born with (cough cough), or something you cannot grow out of (cough cough)...

Before we go into choices, let's go into what is not Vibrating, or what is not Enriching, thus what is also not supported by the state, the humanists, the multicultists, the diversity lovers,

In short, let's briefly go into the non-vibrating, non-enriching minority of immigrants.

Neither I, nor most Finns see women who share a sexual experience with the following men a reason to be deemed An Unfuckable.

(Taken from the same place, different days)

The indian looking kid dressed in a smart business suit apparently having an after meeting beer with his Finnish colleague also dressed in a business suit.

The indian church going guy who rides a 1940's BMW motorcycle that he refurbished, who has a number of patents on his name.

The middle eastern kid married to the same woman since I met him, who sired two kids, and is an honest working man.

The black dude who speaks perfect BBC english sitting on the table with two clearly high class Finnish girls. It is highly possible his clothing is tailored.

The French dude who works 10 hours a day for a multinational company.

The middle eastern student dude hanging out with a number of spanish enjoying a salsa party.

The Pakistani kid who is working three jobs to get him through university in a country where the state pays you to study.

The immigrant kid working for a NGO that is working for the adaptation of immigrants into the Finnish culture, not the Finnish cultures adaptation to the most unadaptive imported culture... (Yea had to add that... and yea, bot are almost nonexistent)

You usual Average Ahmad, Average Okumbo who is trying to make an honest productive living, interacting with people like a human being, and all in all being a nice, kind, respectful human being in a culture that is different than his.
Neither I, now many other Finns call these men a reason to become Unfuckable.

So what do I mean about while it being a choice to become An Unfuckable, it is also a choice to become a Vibrating Enricher

These men pluck their eyebrows into a thin pencil line like a "dude looks like a lady",  but would not hesitate to kill upon the words "Dud that is gay"

African kid coming over and immediately adopting to the American Gangbanger style.

The kid who's wearing the saggin' jeans with golden "Thug Life" embroidered throughout his ass

The middle easterner with the fake Armani shirt, pluched eyebrows, designer shapes shaved into his hair and make up on his face.

The guys who hang around town 24/7, doing nothing but hitting on women, and intimidating men with their collective hatred spewing eyes... (Shitheads, don't blame the Finns for their forefathers created a civilization on this infertile frozen land when your forefathers created sh....)

The guy who's choosing the gangbanger, the apaci style, over having any decent style, even including the Jersey Shore Douchebaggery. 

The guy (who I know of), who had problems with the law because he was 40, and he was fucking girls aged 14, and filming them, who still accuses Finns to be racist...

Basically anybody who is enriching the culture with their radioactiveness, and vibrating the culture with the vibration that made their homeland a place worthy escaping from.
 "Broder.. Had we known you are one of uz, we could fuck up that feminine blond faggot by your side, dogeter wif u. We saw yu and desided we dant wand do mezz wif yu" (Translation of how the asshole sounded when he was talking about an incident few weeks back, where my presence apparently saved a effeminate friend of mine from  a heavy beating
"Finnish government is stupid. I work six months, pay no taxes, then I work black, and get welfare. You got to fuck these idiots where you can" By a vibrant who has more rights in the eyes of Amnesshit Shitternational because he is an "oppressed minority"...

Fucking these, makes you An Unfuckable.

By the way, there are some Finnish guys who consider me a reason to deem a woman Unfuckable, and you know what? That is their prerogative. It is their decision.

By the way, while you all know what a gangbanger looks like, or a Harlem thug wanna be, many of you not in Europe may not know what an Apaci looks like.

Here are some pictures of what we see walking the streets of Europe more and more often, to the detriment of us all.

A collage, the best of the best. These are moderate. 

Never in groups less than five. 

Could it be genetic?

"I kill you if you call me gay"

 There you got it.

These are turning into a fashion.

Can you blame me for calling the fashion fuckers the Unfuckables?


I was supposed to make this question into a different post, but could not figure a title for it, so here it is:

Why don't we see female vibrating enrichers?

Is immigration sexist? Only allowing male vibrating enrichers into the country? Discrimination?

Or are the male vibrating enrichers not allowing their women out on the streets? Oppression?

Or are the women beaten when they are seen with non-vibrators? Abuse?

Are they barefoot and preggos when their men are roaming the streets for pussy 24/7?

Where are the women?


You'd think they don't exist, but somebody has given birth to the male vibrating enrichers, so where are the women?

Rejected entry into the welfare state? Oppressed to stay at home by the "opressed minority"? Beatenby the "oppressed minority"  if they want to have a glimpse of what a society looks like?

Where the fuck are they?


  1. Burning questions..
    Big topics in magazines about Nazima Rasyar and Hetemaj-chick,
    but seems 99% of the females are rather invisible,
    or plain obnoxious in defending their criminal countrymen.

  2. Heh, the last photo looks like an asian guy. I mean east asian oriental. These guys are fucking Finnish women? I mean they are barely able to hold on to the women in their own countries?

  3. Yea, the last guy I was not sure about but seeing many apaci's trying to emulate these, I put it in.

    The guy could be Thai, could be Middle Eastie... Does not matter since he is the stereotype of macho men spilling into the scene.

  4. Well, if he were thai, then I would not grudge him the sex he is getting from western women. Especially considering that western men have been plundering his country's women for the last few decades. Give some, take some you see. But if he is middle eastern..........that's an entirely different story. My head is still spinning trying to imagine a thai guy (who is not a muay thai fighter) actually being masculine enough to have european women go for him. This article from count cervantes explains what the majority of thai men are really like

  5. Thais are not considered enriching, or beautifully vibrating by the PC Multiculti Diversity Loving Progressive Zombies.

    Added, the Thais that I see walking around do have their distinct style, may be muay thai fighters and some give a hint of being serious badasses, but they do not behave in the vibratingly enriching manner.

    Really makes you wonder about the real motivation behind the "Diversity is Joy" crowd, when non-vibrating, non-enrichers are not deemed enough for diversity, and that for diversity to be joy, we need to include the..., well...