Thursday, March 27, 2003


Let’s go back for two months:

Am not single, have been dating for some months now..

But still having my occasional visits to the Tampere nightlife..

It was Nitelife... This woman passes by , eye contact, a hi, start talking.. She’s a designer.. Older than I..

We take a cab.. Go to Pispala, that’s where she lives.. We have sex..

In the morning, walking through Pizpala, it was a fresh, sunny day, I send a message to Topo:

“Walking here in Pizpala, the sun shining, the birds singing.. Even though I had sex last night, my body may be rested, but not me.. This is a strange feeling”, or something like it (its been almost two years since the incident)

Now we are at the present time

Me and Topo are at O’s (a lady) house, I am “reading Victoria’s Secrets”, Topo checking O's laptop, O checking Topo's phone, and I checking underwear...

Suddenly I hear O,


The message...

I just looked at Topo, to O, back to Topo, who has started smiling..

No escape... the villain has been catched.

People get caught by their partners, I get caught by O....

That is the incident where Topo learns to clean his phone..

I learned nothing, as usual..

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