Monday, December 06, 2010

Do not bonjorno me you little Cameleffer

This little rascal was walking in the bar, hunting.

The slimy little f#¤ker was dressed to the hilt, shiny gray shirt, a vest, shiny white shoes, shiny black belt, and added to the image the Palestinian scarf around his neck, just like a few other middle easterners in the bar. Apparently one guy got laid with that scarf, and now it is a trend.

As he is walking by me, the shiny little f#¤ker looks in my eyes, smiling like a shithead.

He thinks that I will be intimidated by the fifteen or so middle easterners behind my back.


So I look back, no emotion, just a curious stare.

He comes up and with his slimy smile,with an arrogant stance


I look at him, with a yea right look, and go

"Bonjorno, bonjorno"

The he recites some memorized sentence in italian,

I shake my head, shit eating grin,

"Bonjorno, ya ya, bonjorno" in the same tonality I would say Vafanculo

The real Itallian Stallion.

Then he asks me if I am russian, upon hearing a "What?" he asks me where I am from,

I tell him only about my southern, west of the middle east, half, that the middle easterners historically hate, and as predicted, he leaves immediately.

And some of you Finnish women, fall for the "Bonjorno". Or "Ola", "Ciao"... Think you are with an Italian loverboy.

I still do not know where he is from, but not Italian, that is sure.

This fact was proven to me half an hour later, when I saw him making a Kamikaze attack on an out of shape woman ten, fifteen years his senior, and and continuing to try her after he got shot down.

I have yet to see an Italian man swoop that low.

But the eastern neighbors of my southern half, oh man,

It is their thing.

Just like the late twenties Apachi (well groomed, well styled CamelF#¤ker, not to be mistaken by the native tribe, the Apaches) smooching this 45 year old woman who was maybe 1.50 tall, but definitely had a jeans size more than her height;

Just like the young Apachi, 24-25, long footballer hair, begging this 40 year old blond at closing time, only to hear "Ok, I go now, good night"

Like the very handsome 25ish Apachi holding hands with this older gal whose clock is ringing from miles afar.

All in the same night, all in front of me. What went on unseen by me, possibly is worse.

Got to admit it, some of these guys do shag/date very good looking women, but these guys are the minority, and the women usually have been in rotation between the gang.

Off topic: What I think about what goes on in Palestine or Israel is irrelevant. That these guys who are supposedly feeling for the Palestenians are using their national symbol to pick up chicks, is low, independent of my political views.

It is as low as a mosque goer wearing a big golden cross to the bar to pick up chicks. (Seen it)

But then, my eastern neighbors' integrity was never assumed. Kind of also proven by the last Wikileaks leak.

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  1. It seems to me that a lot of these guys just don't get that putting your dick inside a horse-faced trollop is not success. There are many many more things more worthwhile than pussy, although it took some painful life lessons to learn this.

    On another note, it appears that Finnish girls are not much better than Americans in terms of entitlement complexes.