Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I sometimes turn into a wallflower

Because sometimes looking around I feel like

But for some reason, I am not willing to change venue.
When I observe women and their choices and the men they flock to, the games they play with some men and the ease they offer themselves to some other men, who would me nauseous even if they only would brush past me,even knowing why, knowing the dynamics, and benefiting immensely from the utilization of this knowledge,

After a little observation, this:

Turns into this:

Sometimes I see a girl, she looks into my eyes with passion, but my gut tells me there is something off. So I decide to let that one slide. I wait. I wait so I can see what was it that was off. And I wait only to be proven right, when she is all over some guy who I would not approve of. And in my life that is the only thing that matters. My judgment. She may be in love at first sight (as she was with me), but for me, I see that as her slumming it.

Maybe she will come to regret it in the morning, and that "maybe" seems to be more like "more and more often", judging from the "All men are assholes" rant I hear from almost all girls.

It is not my responsibility to prevent women from making bad choices, from shagging dudes they will regret later (and rationalize it anyway), and from women getting pumped'n'dumped by assholes.

It is not my responsibility to protect women from their own choices.

If my guts tell me this girl will make that choice if I do not offer my company, I will not offer my company.

One thing I learned from being sexually active, fuck'n'forget does not work, as inevitably you will get to see the men that you shared a pussy with, and that takes away a piece of your soul. As usually is the case, a sexually active woman finds attractive the men that you would use double gloves to shake hands with. And these women surrender to these men, take them and their juices inside them. Hopefully wrapped.

The very few times this has happened is enough for me to do my best to eliminate the chances of it happening again.

Upon realizing the girls looking at me will make choices they will regret, and later still rationalize by "it just happened", "it is just sex." - Years later that will amount to:"All you want is sex", when some good man enters the picture. - I happily turn into observation mode, as there is so much to see, without it causing you to lose pieces of your soul.

What it does is that it also creates extreme pickyness which leads you to better quality, and more valuable interactions, sadly they get rarer.

And this pickyness is not to be mistaken for the pickyness that women are so proud of:
"I am extremely picky. I don't f#¤k every man. Just every man I find attractive"

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  1. Haha, so true. It's just so hard to find good ones. And it seems like when you do they suddenly become bad.