Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pickiness causing wallflowering explained

As an example for the women that are the reason for

Why I sometimes turn into a wallflower

Girl, gorgeous.

Girl, invites friend to a party.

Friend want the girl's friend.

Friend calls me.

"Dude, tomorrow there is this party of this gorgeous girl."

"Allright. Where, when and who?", I ask, interested,

"You know the girl."

"I do?"

"Yea, she is the Secretary"

"The one who was dating MiniStallone?", seriously the guy looks like Stallone minus the muscles,

"Yea. They broke up. She is free. Looking for a man."

"I would not poke that woman who got poked by MiniStallone with someone else's dick."

"But she is gorgeous"

"Yes she is. And she is a single mom. Thanks for the invitation."

"Man, it is your decision, I tell you she is ripe for the picking"

"Cool. Let somebody else poke her, pick her, whatever. It will not be me"

Yea, turns out MiniStallone did prison time for drugs, to add to the issue.

Woman is gorgeous, that is true, but her sexual value for me, zilch.

Had I not known of this information would I have ravaged her like a savage??


  1. an early checkpoint/level up in game is realzing, sometiems getting your D wet just isn't worth the hassle/fallout potential.

  2. It isn't just how pretty they are, it's what they are that matters. I wouldn't have been interested as well.

  3. Pathologist,

    One thing a man has to come to peace with, accept and cherish, against all the shaming attacks he will endure, and all the repeated brainwashing attempts from society and media is this:

    "What they are" is not dictated by "What they think they are" or "What they feel they are" or "What they decide they are" or, any other similar variation.

    "What they are" is dictated by what they did and what they do, since it is unknown at the present, what they will do cannot be used, but it can be derived from the did/do part.

    What she feels she is, is irrelevant, if the context is her entering your life.

    What she did. What she does.

    This is what they are.

  4. What she did. What she does.

    This is what they are.

    It's what all of us are.

  5. And I do not disagree with that fact.