Monday, December 06, 2010


I do not care if you are in looooove, I do not care if you are a chubby chaser, I do not care if you got a blubber fetish, I do not care if you need to stay married to get the passport, I... do... not... care!

You, good looking foreigner man, dark hair, good shape, latino looks, though I guess you are likely from the middle east, well dressed;

Walking hand in hand with that woman who has a face the size of a basketball, has maybe around 30 kg's raw material for soap production, and the "I am the princess" expression.

You, hand in hand, and having that proud look on your face.

After a totally average girl sees what that Beast managed to get to commit to herself, of course she will think she deserves Prince Charming who is a CEO, prize fighter, doctor, artist, model, movie star and rock singer all in one. Plus a 10 inch di...

No wonder they even bitch on men who are more attractive than themselves, let alone the perfect matches. Once the self is deluded, it stays deluded, until she is bitchslapped back to reality.

Either time does it, or some dude pumping'n'dumping her. Since she ignored all men who would think she is dating material, the deluded woman will receive no sympathy from me.

Back to you men, you who are slumming it publicly, and being so damn proud of it are betraying all other men who have some kind of standards.

You wanna dumpster dive, do it in private, I mean there are places where men are shagging sheep, so there is a taste for everything, I understand, but just do not publicly declare that you are proud to be with a Beast. You idiots are destroying the chances of normal men with normal women.

Effing traitor to manhood.

It just occurred to me, apparently times have changed. Too many times I have seen the "The Beauty and the Beast" story turned around.

On hindsight, a human Beast is possibly an upgrade from sheep.





I had planned to write only about this Beauty proud of shagging the beast, but then I saw another usual scene on saturday.

Handsome man, looks like a swedish trust fund kid living on a sailboat. Once again he was leading these two girls to the bar to get the cocktails. Information has it he is "Just a friend"

Three weeks ago, I told a girl to get me a glass of water while she is waiting for her drink on the bar. She brought back my water; "Thanks, WaterGirl, that's nice"; "Hehe, thank him he bought the water", and I then realized that this Swedish Sailor was buying rounds to more than five girls, and he would also have gotten one for me if I had asked her for a 12yrs Bushmills. He also then was "Just a friend".

Not too bad for me, as I got what I wanted, not the water, with no investment. Way before these happenings. And also after that, maybe even aided by the hangover his drinks caused in the ladies.

But bad for anybody else out there who are trying to meet women without going bankrupt for a "friend". It is these guys who set the bar for (not even) getting laid so expensive.


Is always better than "Can I have the honor of paying for your drinks, pleaaase?"


He comes from a country where they f#¤k camels with a ladder.

He sees me talking to these two gorgeous women, and sees me not being successful with my attempt.

He does not know I have been seeing one of these two, until recently when we had a falling apart on what constitutes well behavior.

So I continue on my way, and the girls continue the same direction but at an arms distance to my right.

This CamelF#¤ker holds her arm and starts talking to her with a stern emotion in his face while looking at me.

I look at him, but continue. Will not put myself into discomfort for a woman who hasn't behaved well and for a man who is talking to the most beautiful girl he ever talked to. I know his face and I know his usual targets. Camels would be an upgrade.

I cannot hear what he said, but she smiled and said "Thank you very much"


If he told her how beautiful she is, so what? She knows it. She does not pay for any drink in the bar. How does that affect me? Nada. I am the guy who ignored her. And that, even when I have already been intimate. I have the upper hand.

If he told her to stay away from me, thanks go to him. She is in partying age, and bad advertisement is the best advertisement.

Whatever he told her while looking at me, he was competing with me.

He did not know that I already had finished the race for which he was shopping shoes for, and he just gave me a Ferrari for the next running race.

Betray yourself, a%%hole.

I will be the one laughing, and the only reason I will call her up is to ask "Hey, that night, what did that CamelFucker tell you? It seemed like he was a gentleman",

And the story will surface.

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