Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Fallout of the Sexual Revolution 3 - Things that make us proud

One of the sweetest girls I've met in a long time, Kitty.

She is just not playing difficult, she is clearly showing me she likes to take things slow.

She calls our mutual friends "Fast", she says "I am not like them.", she says "I think different about sex", she says "I like to take it slow", and more. Our mutual friends are also two of the sweetest girls I met in a long time.

She asked me what my notch count was, I said

"Who counts notches at this day'n'age?"

She nodded her head like a little girl caught stealing cookie from the jar, and asked "How many?"

I told her "If I say 3, it is wrong, if I say 30, it is wrong, if I say 300 it is wrong, so even if I knew, I would not say it"

She says "Hmmm, true, but still, what is your notch?"

"Apparently one of us was counting. What is your notch?" I ask, with a smirk

She looks at me with the pride of the girl who managed to steal cookies unnoticed,

"I don't know but under twenty"

Bulls#¤t. She knows the exact number, but she otherwise she is saying the truth about the range of the number.

It is under 20. But not under 15, or she would have said so.

I am the firm believer that usually you need to modify the number you hear, like multiplying by three, or adding a 1 in front of the said number, but in this case, her being a proud slow one, told me she was telling the truth.

The next sentence I say with the full disclosure that I am willing to see this girl again, she did not drop into the Pump'n'dump bucket, she will get me to go out for a drink with her, and enjoy her feminine company. Nothing changed.

At this day and age, women can be sincerely proud to have less than 20 partners by 25.

20 x 16 cm, kinda around 3 meters. (How dare I think this way. I must hate women. Me, I am a misogynist.. Bwaaaaaa bwaaaaa buuuuu huuuuu)

Talking to myself: Makes you rethink the wisdom of the ancients who wrote religion. The wisdom you belittled so many times before.

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