Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Fallout of the Sexual Revolution 2 – Around the World

The CutiePie was 20

Her looks were good; are still good. Beautiful eyes, and a warm smile.

She was in the bar with her friend.

We got to meet,

And her friend proudly proclaims that the CutiePie, "You know, she slept with men from thirteen different countries!!!"

Allright, so by 25 she would have traveled f#¤ked her way around the world.

And then,
On her 25th birthday the will then state she has changed, and her favorite song now is

"My friend...."
At that moment CutiePie turned into RottenPie for me, and years later, I still fell the feeling in my stomach.

I can with confidence feel pity for the man who will try to raise a family in that One World Government, with that Vaj without borders.

What I may be missing is that if every sperm carries its own immune system strengthening antibodies, this woman will have an ironclad armor against any region's diseases.

Then, maybe that is irrelevant.

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