Thursday, December 02, 2010

Keeping it (kinda) short 3: Definition of Average

Young man.

You will start to improve yourself, you will get better at what you want to get better at. You will start getting things you want to get. People will start to shame you. The will try to make you feel guilty.

Why? You will ask them,

They will tell you that you are better than the average, and the ones below the average are not living the life you are living.How come you can not feel for the lesser ones?

See, the definition of average - to be exact, median, but we keep with "average" - tells two things:


Half the people will be below average,


Half the people will be above average.


Unless we all become one and same, there will be an average,

You being above average is nothing to be guilty of.

Now go and enjoy the fruits of your sweat, patience and ambition, and maybe luck.

You owe nothing to noone.


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