Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Foreign food neither means good food is served nor a possession of culinary taste

So, was studying some finnish and these two sentences were written in the book "Teach Yourself Finnish":

"The multitude of pizzerias and kebab houses along the high streets show that the Finns travel a lot these days and prefer foreign food when they go out to eat. This is unfortunate from the point of view of a foreigner in Finland who would like to taste Finnish food"

To make such an error in logic requires some exceptional logical talent.

How many of those high street food joints serve actual food? How many serve some middle eastern version of pizza, how many sell that crap called kebab? Real kebab is 50% lamb, 50% beef, minced, on a skewer. The kebab sold on the high street? 30% potato, 30% soy, 20% parts of the animal that the lions would leave to the vultures, 20% part of the animal the vultures would leave to bugs.

I have heard of stories where dogs turned their nose away from that kebab thingy.

I do not eat kebab. Whenever I ate it, I shat like the sewer pipe of a Haitian village for three days.

Not all are like that, there is a Finnish owned pizzeria that I visit now and then, and a Middle Eastern eatery that has the best smashed spicy tomatoes in the country. There is a sausage cart that sells blood sausage, and there used to be that Malaysian Rastaurant who made everything on front of your eyes, fresh. A German sausage&beer house is also a pleasure to visit.

Now what do all these have in common?

The price. 10-15 euros for a dish. Maybe higher.

What do most of the places in the high street that supposedly shows that Finns like to travel have in common?

Shitty food, diarrhea, hairy men, and cheap food.

Cheap being 5 euros.

From this there are few things to deduct:

Finns prefer to pay 5 euros for crap instead of paying 10 for real food.

Most the foreigners who come here have no skills other than being able to cook crap, and sell it to people. Anyway, you either got highly skilled tech people coming here or people who barely can write. Wonder which one is the majority, which one sucks from the country, which one has some benefit?

Finnish food has real ingredients, and they cost.

Any eatery that wants to do things by the book, not employ workers off the books, not evade the tax, cannot afford to provide a dish under 10 euros.

But it has nothing to do with Finns traveling. If they were really tasting the culinary specialities of the places they go to when they were travelling, these kebab and pizza places would have gone out of business long time ago.


I would not have written this post if for every one quality foreign eatery there would not be twenty Crapbab and Pisszerias.

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  1. LOL

    It's funny to find out that things are the same all over. Crappy food for cheap versus real food that costs something. Same here in Hawaii, same all over the US, and the same in Finland, eh?