Monday, December 06, 2010

Finnish Independence Day, my respects


Finland, a little country of 3 million people, declared its independence, after being the punching bag for two empires for centuries.

Between the 176 million strong Russian empire,

And the Swedish Empire, then strong, but now likely the first casualty to multiculturalism and feminism; a castrated army lion without balls; and home to the soon extinct Swedes,

Between two strong, big, warmongering nations,

These small people managed to get their independence,

Over the next 93 years, managed to build a civilization in this godforsaken climate.

I respect and appreciate what your fathers and grandfathers have done, and mothers and grandmothers. 

I stand and salute,

Long live the Finnish Sisu!

Kauan eläköön Suomalainen Sisu!

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