Thursday, December 02, 2010

Woman's man

The reason I always say that I will judge a woman's choices in men by my own standards is that my standards and women's standards for what makes a man can be worlds apart.

I knew this guy, a big mouth Lothario; doing pretty well with the ladies.

To say the truth, am not sure if he was doing better than me, but he was doing better than 9 out of 10 guys out there.

One night, years ago, we were drinking with few guys. Some close friends, and a friend of a friend.

Changing place ,we were walking in the main street, the others twenty meters in the front, and me in the back with the drunk weightlifter.

Suddenly the guy turns on me and with fear in his eyes, goes

"You wanna kill me." and looks to his hand.

I go "What?"

"You wanna kill me." and again looks to his hand, sfter his eyes looked into mine for a moment, full of fear.

I look down, only to see a shining blade pointed to my midsection, not a centimeter away from me.

It takes a few minutes; I diffuse the situation, no blood spilled, no punches punched.

When I calm the guy down, when I am hundred percent sure I am safe for the timebeing, I go to my guys, as one of the guys knows this lifter better than I do, and he could keep him calm, till all settles.

So me and the lifter walk to the guys who were waiting for our chat to finish, not knowing about the knife pulled to my stomach.

I go up to my man, and tell him to talk down this lifter's fear, as he just pulled a knife on me for no reason. The other guys hear this,

My man goes to the lifter takes him to the side and calms him down, everything settles.

Only, I notice that at the moment I uttered the silent words "Yo, all ok now, but, your guy just pulled a knife on me", and the lifter was still five, ten meters in the back, the woman's man, our Lothario, was breaking the reconrds in the hundred meter dash.

I swear the guy covered fifty meters before I could finish my short sentence above.

I did not meet the guy again.

Back to the first sentence; what I call a scared piece of s#¤t was an attractive penis for quite many women.

That is why, I am the only one to decide if the guy she is/was with was a good choice or not.

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