Thursday, February 24, 2011

He got the leftovers, I got nothing

Saw the two girls, they were talking to some handsome guy.

Due to two mutual friends, I went up to them and said hi.

Handsome dude immediately ejected.


Girl 1 asking me about her non present friend,

Girl 2 all over me.

I step back,

"I see she is having a good night" I say, mentioning Girl1
"Yea, she needs a man" says Girl2

I, in hell ain't gonna be that guy. (Girl is the Married Chick from the story Men do reject)

I look towards the bar where there are three guys standing with their backs to us, Handsome Pussy being one of them.

"Hey, I got three guys for her" I say,

Apparently Handsome Pussy had his ears in his back, he holds his two other friends and turns around with a full smile on his face

"Hey, these are my friends, SlickDick and SmileyMikey";the other two also smiling as if it Christmas.

Now I can eject.

I turn to my friends. I do feel some hand caressing my back though.

Fast forward two hours;

Married Chick is gone, Girl2 is busy with the SlickDick, but the SmileyMikey who was happy to get introduced to my leftover is now trying to hold hands with the brunette from the Men do reject story.


So did I lose?

Did I lose on the brunette?


Just like women have the categories "He is for fun" and "He is special"; (Special means, "I had my fun with the "fun", now what we have is "special"."....)

Ah, no, screw womantalk:

Categories are more like: "He is for shagging" and "He is for cuddling", (For the latter, no cuddle time, no sexy time)

Which scientifically can be explained as "Cad" and "Dad" (Even if the "Cad" is the real dad, but "Dad" has no idea about that)

Which in simple english can be explained as "Fucker" and "Sucker"

Just like women have two categories for men,

I have learned to come to peace with some women being more suitable for this, and some better for that, and that you should not mix these things.

The only difference is that the slow ones are allowed, and even encouraged be fast, only for you. That is good. Means you are special, as a man defines it.

On the other hand, the fast ones insisting on being slow for you calls for you to speed off on nitro boost. Without looking back. Of course it is allowed to have a test drive, before you floor the pedal. 

"I changed"

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