Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Men do reject

The married chick is leaving.

I am waiting for her to leave so I can talk to my long legged brunette, whom I am planning to take with me.

Brunette, I know her intimately.

Married chick was all over me few hours ago when I told her to talk to some other dudes. Tits as tits could only ever hope to be, but that is all that is good about this one.

Brunette: "She is leaving home"
Married chick: Looking at me like the puppy looks at the owner who has food in his hand.
Me: Yea I see. (Take a sip from my drink, face away to look at the surroundings)

Few seconds later:

Brunette: "You are going with her"
Me, not skipping a beat: "No"
Married chick: Head down, dreams shattered

I just keep on looking at the brunette, no emotion in my face, girl just looks, her eyes blank as if watching the movie "Dawn of the Hamsters";

Me: "You girls have a good night"

And walk away listening to some good rock song, actually was a good one, forgot what it was though.

Wondering how this will affect my relationship with the brunette. There is only so much I will tolerate for a legendary lay; what will be the fallout of her best friend getting outright shot down.

Time will tell.

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