Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wrong flag(s) for easy lay, easy lay(s) for the wrong flag.

I do not pay attention to them, the three guys from the extended middle east area.

They were sitting on the table beside mine, when I was enjoying a good friends' company with red wine.

I feel movement on my side, and notice one of the guys getting up, leaving.

"Arrivederci" he almost shouted to his friends.

"Arrivederci?" I thought to myself... I know none of the guys is italian, but I think to myself the one getting up could be, so no harm done.

As the one leaves, two new ones join the table,

One of them, once again for everyone else to hear:


The sitting two,

"Ciao"; "Ciao bella"

The newcomers were not italian, I know the faces.

So now I pay attention to the spoken language, especially when one of them gets up and again



The table was not italian.

That I know. Like I said, some mutual acquaintances, making me know the faces.

The table publicly behaved as they were italians.

In private, the table, when sitting down, was talking in arabic, not in italian.

I did not hear

"cammello bella"

I may have heard

"habibi jamal"

Just another incident to wonder how many girls, when getting sexed by a man, proudly thought the man was shouting "bella bellaaaa", proudly thought she got the italian flag obtained by her drilled into her;

When in reality the man, under the influence of the joy of a lay gotten with less effort than jerking off, was actually shouting "yallah yallaaaah"

Go Grrrrrrl Go!

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