Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why the average chumps are dropping the towel

A self made man. In shape. Good job. Not a pushover. Met him a month or so ago. Did enjoy his company, clearly he was a good catch for a woman over 30. 25 could do better.

Guy definitely in love with the girl,
The girl, way past her prime, showing signs of interest. (I have good reason to assume sex has happened, and promises made)
The girl, way past her prime, could hardly find anything better, that would commit to her.
The girl, way past her prime, clearly made him know that.

Fast forward to the night when I had two bottle of red wine in my system.
They came to the bar separately, but at some time they were intimate, just behind me.

Few hours later, there he is, walking through the bar just the way a guy walks when he is looking for a specific someone but cannot find that someone. Anger, worry, wonder in that drunk face.

Cares about a woman. Woman shows interest (assume more). But now woman not around.

What he did not know, I knew.

He was looking for her downstairs. She was upstairs.

Talking to an austrian or australian dude she met two hours ago, caressing his hand across the table.

I was on my way out when I saw that, so I do not know how it all ended.

Knowing something about women, and knowing something about who she hangs out with, I confidently presume she shagged the austrian/australian that night. Called the long term man on sunday ,and met him on sunday for some proper date.

One could only hope she took a shower and brushed her teeth.

Can anyone blame the average chump, if he decided to drop the towel after seeing this?

Better yet,
Can anyone blame the average chump, if he kills the good guy inside him and starts treating women as cum dumpsters? 

Can anyone blame the average man if he respects women's choice?

Edit: for this story i myself want to say, NAWALT.
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