Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smelly media: Today's last word on the unspoken

The Finns, having built a civilization in this frozen hellhole, where the north celebrated its 113th day under 0 celcius, which suffered the wars between Sweden and Russia, and then wars with Sweden, and wars with Russia;

Finland. Which has kept its birthrate low, managed to increase from 3 to 5 million in hundred years (when others went from 40 to 80 between 1980 and 2010), managed to feed that population where the ground is frozen almost half the year;

Which is constantly on the top of the most honest nations list,

Finns. Whose grandparents worked 16 hour days at the long winter darkness at -20s.

Which is so small that if everyone today would burn all they own, would not make a dent in the global environment;

Which managed to created a somewhat functioning society with its scarce resources, without pillaging, raiding, killing, enslaving, raping, stealing, etc,

Finns, (except to maybe the native Sami, an issue I have not dwelved into)


Got it?

Not to me, not to anybody.

This land was made independent by blood, cultivated by sweat. By Finns.

They have a right to demand and expect their rights to be respected, in their own country.

Denying that fits right into the definition of imposed fascism. Not democracy, not freedom, not free speech, not human right, nothing.

It is imprisonment.

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  1. You can say that out aloud and get away with it. But only because you come from abroad. If a Finn says something similar, he will be instantly branded a "fascist", "a racist", "a redneck-hillbilly perussuomalainen".

    The media is the biggest culprit for this situation. Not surprising, almost all of our journalists subscribe to leftist/feminist/green worldview. It is an uphill battle to try to change that, luckily at least some are trying.