Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She says, he thinks

At the moment I was introduced to her by a friend, my hormones shot through the roof at her shyness, at the distance she put between me and her, and at her timidness.

Took me two hours to see her again, I asked out mutual friend if she was single, all the while looking at her. My friend told me that she is. Good. I go up to her.

After some banter, I get:

Her: "What kind of girl do you take me for?"

(In my head: Good. Found a nerve. So, she takes offense on this topic. Is it because she is not like that, or not like that anymore?)
Me: Appearing distracted by something else, "Ha?"

Her: "What kind of girl do you take me for?"

(In my head: Time to change topic)
Me: "I don't know you. I do not take you for anything. I am only telling you what kind of woman you gotta be if you want to call me"

Her: "..."; eyes wide open.

(In my head: Killing me softly with your eyes.. Lalalala)


Then it starts

Her: "You are arrogant"
(In my head : That was fast. Good)
Me: "Nääh. You know I am just the guy who stands by the wall"

Her: "Arrogantly"
(In my head: Really good. Complaining about the thing that is the magnet)
Me: "No. Just observing the monkeys going about their business"


Her: "You have been brought up very well"
(In my head: Oh shit.)
Me: "Yea shit happens"


Me: "From your observations, I get it you've met some assholes"

Her: "Yes, I was dating an asshole."
(In my head: Strike one. There always is one)

Her: "It was bad."
(In my head: But you loved it)

Her: "I dumped him."
(In my head: So not all is lost)

Me: "A'ight. So this was what was going on in my head when you were telling me the last sentence: "Yes, I was dating one (In my head: Strike one. There always is one). It was bad (In my head: But you loved it). I dumped him (In my head: So not all is lost)""


Why am I telling this?

Because girls have no idea what goes in my head when I hear

"I had my fun"

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