Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smelly media: More of the not-to-be-spoken-of

This is additional material for my first post on Smelly media.

Today there was the news report on "Bus driving mainly an immigrant's profession"

A bus driver’s pay is 13.52 euros an hour, which works out at around 2,200 euros a month. Shifts will amount to 76.30 hours in a two-week shift period. Various supplements bump the final salary up to around 2,400 euros on average.

Read that again. Working night shifts, and extra shifts, 2400 euros.

Deduct from that the tax.

You get 1600-1800. In Helsinki. For waking up at 4 AM in the night at -30 celsius. In Helsinki where the rent of a 50 sqm hole can be 800 euros.

If you got kids, you want a better place, far away from the city, and you have less than 1000 left to live with.

And then read the article mentioned in the first post: "Refugees receive most benefits in Finland"

In Finland, a family of two adults and three children between the ages of 10 and 17 years receives a monthly income benefit of 1,277 euros, plus free accommodation.

In addition to financial support, asylum seekers at reception centres receive compulsory health care.

1277 effing euros, for sitting on your ass, and doing what? Sipping tea. Plus rent help.

Plus black market work. Untaxed, of course.

Here I want to specifically stand up and salute the foreigner bus drivers for doing what many think is stupid to do.

To work, and live on less money than a parasite.

Oh, did I say that?

Here: Parasite.

How much skill it takes to drive a bus?

How much education?

These drivers are showing their gratitude to the country that has welcomed them, by producing a service.

Other than disability or temporary job loss, any foreigner living on benefits is just that: A parasite.


For the two bus drivers that I know, who have had some difficult history, I stand up and declare my respects for the job they are doing, when it is utterly unnecessary for them to do it.

For the job that some their origin-countrymen would not even think of lifting a finger for.

Same goes for the middle eastern kid working in the construction of a building by the university.

Same goes for the middle easterner I know who wakes up at 4 AM every morning for a technical field job.

Same goes for all others who do something.

Pizza kebab excluded. That shit gives me diarrhea every time.


Which genius thought that making benefits more than earned wage is a good idea?

Fucking idiot. Then you expect people to respect the system and not abuse it?

This is the kumbayya, all people are good willing, even the ones who kill their sisters under the name of honor way of deluded utopian thinking. 

"They will be good when they walk on the white snow of this country away from the dusty streets where they cant breath."

Sure. Ever stopped and considered why your snow is white and their streets are dusty? No, it is not the sunshine, you dipshit. 

Before accusing me of racism and all that: Where I come from, the streets are dusty. Dirty, is a better description. (But the food is good...)


I see this all the time. Whenever I have business in downtown, there is this group of men sitting in some coffee place. No matter what time, no matter what day. This specific demographic has members sitting in town sipping tea.

I am sorry to say, fuck it am not sorry. More people should say this: I am not paying taxes so that these bums can live a life as good as mine, on sipping effing tea.


Finnish people on benefits (not disability or temporary job loss), piss me off too, but they are Finns, their fathers and mothers did something for this society at some point. If not the father or mother, then the uncles, the aunts, someone in their frigging family tree did something. And they are Finns, they are an inherent problem of the Finnish society that comes with the frigging long winter and the unending darkness; they are not imported.


Anybody accusing me of being racist, fascist, intolerant, SHAME ON YOU YOU EFFING TRAITOR TO FREE SPEECH AND HUMAN RIGHTS

What about the human rights of the Finns honest hard working immigrants?
Their rights do not matter?

What about the free speech that leads to open discussion?
As long as it is not in the party line, it is forbodden? (eehh... fascism, anyone?)

What about my right to keep the fruits of my labour, and share my produce with other hardworking honest inhabitants?
Screw the productive populace. Look, they are earning thousands of euros.

What about the right of a Finn to stand up and give his opinion on his livelyhood?
Neo nazi. How dare he be so selfish?

History will remember the pro-unlimited-immigration group as one of the collaborators in the destruction of Western Civilization.

And this, coming from an immigrant, and child of two time immigrants. First my father emigrated, then they both emigrated back, and then I emigrated to a third place.


If I am fascist because I claim a Finn has the right to speak about the division of the scarce resources, while lettign the foreigner have his right of speech... Who am I oppressing, someone show me.

Ok, I am a fascist. Then who is the person

Who demands the Finns to take in foreigners without limit or restriction, then demands from the Finns that they turn around, bend down, and spread their ass cheeks, welcome the demands and complaints drilled in, and in the same time forces their mouths shut?

He is a human rights activist.

Demanding the tolerant to tolerate the intolerant who cannot tolerate even the smallest differences in between their own groups.

Yea. Being a human rights activist is something to aspire to become. 


I will believe in the human rights acitivists' sincerity when they fight for the human rights of the hardworking honest immigrants.

Hope on them doing it for the Finns?

"Don't you know, the Finns went around pillaging other countries and colonizing other millions and stealing their gold for thousands of years. Finns the big oppressors, the murderers, and the rapists... Now it is their time to pay back."

"Hey wait, this is not the Finns history."

"You racist fascist disgusting pig."

Well I got a lot of patience.


In this line, read the following news, from yesterday:

Black Cobra could reach into Finland

I will not comment on this news.

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