Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Why you need to be spinning multiple plates

"Dude, I got to start spinning multiple plates. If you are a bachelor, you either got to have no woman in your life, or you got to have multiple women in your life. If there is only one that you are seeing, but you are neither dating her nor in a relationship with her, it is not good. You will obsess, not because you're in love, but because she is the only girl in your life giving you good feelings, and you don*t know what or who she does 6 out of 7 days."

Note: I am not making the mistake of saying, if you are in a relationship, you are safe. Too many relationshits out there to claim such a stupid idiocy.

Note: Another reason is what Buss states in his paper, "Sexual Networks". If you are not in a committed relationship and you have a sexual life: If you are having non-committed sex with only one person, chances are that person is having multiple non-committed partners. If you have multiple non-committed partners, chances are you are your partners' only sexual partner.

Which one do you prefer?

Being one of the multiple plates?
Being the plate spinner with multiple plates?

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