Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Observations from the dark side into the light side

Following observations were taken between 7 pm and 2 am, aided by the consumptin of excellent food and one and a half bottles of good wine.


Talking to a nice couple, the woman is pregnant.

Tell them, "yea, and soon you'll be three"
Woman says "Already got two"
Me "So this is the third"
Woman turns proudly to the man and says "Yes. And all three are from him"
Me to the man "Guess that is rare nowadays"
Man smiles, lifts his glass for cheers, agreeing.

Good feeling.


Am outside making a phone call. Shirt and jeans; at -5 celcius.

Phone call finishes and I start talking to few people, but tell them I am not finnish, and I freeze,

A woman whose husband is inside tells me

"I am freezing too. I got no balls"

A dude in the group, "Yeah, she got no balls"
Woman to me, "He's my ex"
Man to me, "Hahaha... I know she got no balls"

Now, imagine if I were a friend of the husband. (I am not)

Bad feeling.


Her: "My boyfriend pissed me off this morning. He did not let me sleep"

After getting the reasons for her getting pissed and some fun conversation where I was talking to a boy of 23 and a girl of 19, I start speaking in the big brother way.

Five minutes of lecturing and teasing later, I have to ask her upon her telling what she does.

"You're not 19, are you?"
"I knew it. No, am 29"
"He is 33"
"Fuck... I thought 19 and 23"
"This is usually the case"
"Damn I thought I was talking to two kids, having fun lecturing them"
"I noticed." now she is smiling, face full of delight
"So you knew, and did not tell me"
"No. I was having fun" she says

Seriously, that woman will not age, lucky man. And the man looks like the guy from Sons of Anarchy, and that ain't bad either.

Good feeling.


She is introduced to me.
I am introduced to her as someone she heard firsthand stories about.
Bad advertisement turned good.

The chat goes nicely, she is my age or older than me. Successful career woman, with an interesting mind.

At some point her face suddenly changes, and she gets up to get a refill on her glass of punch. Never to return.

Later that night I realize that she saw the three early twenties girls looking at me and giggling with excitement.

She knew she could not compete.

Sad actually cause she was a fun woman to talk to.

Sad actually cause yes, she could not compete.

Good feeling.

Come on, how am I to erase the image of three gorgeous girls giggling and gossiping about me? These are the images a man should not ever forget.


An ex boyfriend wanting to get a girl back in the environment where there is at least one guy who is sleeping with her is a sad sight to see. Sadder if he knows about the other dude, as it seems half the people have heard about him.

What is sadder is the way a man in love touches the woman. Especially if it is not reciprocated, if there is someone in the picture who can't touch her hard enough.

So soft, so gentle, as if touching a thousand year old china vase.

So soft, so gentle, as if touching an angel.

So soft, so gentle, it pains to watch.

Many women will never understand how strong, deep, and burning the love of a man is.

I want that dude to stay as the ex, for my own pleasure, but that does not stop me from feeling for him.

We all have been there.

Bad feeling.


Married woman fondling my chest telling me she wants to see my body.

Bad feeling.


Good looking man.

After talking to him, turns out to be a friendly decent man.

Ring on finger.

The other ring is on a finger who I know got banged in a bar toilet two years ago.

Knowledge is a curse. One thing I don't know is, how long they have been together.


Bad feeling. I know. Possibly he does not. No, I was not the one banging her. Was some italian on a road trip.


Girl with options.

Girl who exercises these options.

Girl not around for one hour.

Me freaking out.

Good feeling. I missed being obsessed with a girl. Now am smiling.


The good the bad,

Some proof for what I say is correct, some proof for the good out there,

Some proof that I got a heart, or at least a jealous dick,

Overall great party,

And an epic hangover that hit on tuesday.

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