Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smelly Media: Grrrl Power - 2.5 - Utter entitled ignorance in light of today's news

I was going to write this post anyway, since last eve some things stuck in my head again, that were left unsaid in yesterday's Smelly Media: Grrrl Power -2- This Finnish government hates all men, etc post.

The position of women in Finnish public companies and trade unions is less than satisfactory.

Two government ministers on Thursday called for the introduction of quotas for the number of women on the boards of public corporations. The minister responsible for equality issues, Paavo Arhinmäki, proposed legislation to guarantee a minimum 40 percent quota of women members on company boards.

It is this quote that tells us that what you accomplish, or how qualified you are matters not when applying for a job. They want it to be so that if you got a vajayjay, you get the job, if the company has not fulfilled the quota.

The men who were qualified for the job will not be getting the position, and the men who have the position and are fully qualified for the job will be walked over when a further promotion is in place.

This will put the possession of a vajayjay over possession of intelligence, work ethics, productivity, qualification and achievement.

It is pure discrimination and will in turn destroy the standing of women in the workplace, as not everybody rightfully will assume the woman was a quota bitch, and because she is not qualified for the job, not suited for it, the other workers in the business will have to work extra to make up for the lost productivity.

While discriminating against the men who are deserving the job, the families of these men are also discriminated against.

This is utter sexism, and nothing else.

In light of news that just came in, this gains more importance, as to show that these politicians care sh%t for the economy and their own people, when it comes to satisfying some agenda, ideology, shutting up the feminazis, or just getting votes from the strong and independent but still need quota women:

Nokia to cut 3500 jobs

Digia announces new layoffs  (170)

Finnair shedding 155 jobs

These three all came in today, in the span of one hour.

These, besides old news of the Post, the Railway, Sonera, the Defense Forces....

To conclude this post, I have few more quota suggestions:

40% of women laid off no matter the company gender ratio
40% of tax being paid by women
40% of medical care expenses to be allocated to men
40% or retirement savings to be paid to men

The last two are important since women live 7 years longer, they get an extremely larger pie from the retirement budget and medical budget;

And they work 2 or so year less, take more time off during working years, amounting to further (paid maternity leave) years off from work, and collectively pay less taxes.

And still get at least double the retirement benefits, and similar medical care allocation.

What about that equality?

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