Wednesday, March 26, 2003


Absolute Alcoholic (or what is the meaning of AA)

If this is Absolut votka, I prefer Finlandia..

No, this is happening almost every time I go out..

“Are you AA”

“Why do you not drink?”

The best one, (will use this in another article)

“that water glass in your hand looks scary!”

(Oh, this woman telling me those words, I will call you soon, no matter you are married or not.. S**t, so attractive, and so straight. R-e-s-p-e-c-t, and not to forget, you t-u-r-n-m-e-o-n)

Well yes, I do not drink as much as people around me drink... At least not when I am out, and driving back home...

Mentioning home,

Absinthe, versinthe, grappa, raki, russian votka, smirnoff, russian beer, bombay saphhire, dutch whiskey, bailey’s, feeney’s, kahlua.. All in my home.. And I am AA..


I am sorry I do not drink as much as you people...

My first drunk experience, even then I could walk home.. (drunk means really drunk)
In the other one, nearly choked a very good friend, because that drunk pushed me into the pine tree while I was peeing to it...

And others.. Laughter, pain, fun, sorrow...

Nowadays,I can’t afford to loose my next day for a hangover, hangover for a night that I was drunk, not remember what I did.. No my friend, I will stay sober.. And have a lively next day, even if it gets me pissed at the people around me, at the things that happened...

But what king of s**t is that you are accused of not drinking enough, what is the problem if my eyes can still see yours, what is the problem if I can still speak English, not Eanklöis¤#ch???

I am no AA, I am no non drinker, I am just someone who has the ability to enjoy a nice evening, accompanied by nice people and nice music, without having my blood run as alcohol...

Just do not run away when I am sober.. And I will not run when you are drunk..(that is a principle, not touch a woman who’s had too much alcohol)

I respect your alcohol, and you respect my 1 beer.

We all live happily together.

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