Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Wappu pee pee

So, wappu time, me and friends walking in the park by the river, Koskipuisto, enjoying the Kirsberry votka we drank in our bloods...

I see the blond curls flying in the little wind u ahead the trail, so I tell the guys to wait until I come back.. Go to Kaisa*, and have a chat..

After a while I hear people shouting my name, just think, can’t those fools wait until I am finished...

When I am finished, I get the news, a girl just kneeled down a meter behind me, in broad daylight, in a full park, took down her trousers, and relaxed onto the grass.... And my eyes were looking into some blue eyes which were said goodbye to, a few days ago..

For further info, I am aware of the uncivil beings shouting my name, or of me, wishing not to have missed that sight, but we are men, only men

*names made up

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