Wednesday, March 26, 2003

It ain’t Fairplay

In my writings you will read many incidents where the foreigner, in this case, me, is being accused of not playing the game right..

So it happens once more,

Standing in Doris, talking to a lady who should not have been there that night, Sini* comes to me, and tells me she has heard rumors about me. before going into the rumors, let me tell you about the messenger, Katja*.. A young girl who is the friend of Kaisa*, the girl with the most beautiful hair, and such a nice face... A little overweight, no prob for me, that hair, that face.. (Also the hero in at least two other stories).. With that girl I dated for a month or so, did not sleep with her, said she had her reasons, slept in my place, without me attacking her... And Katja can pass rumours about me, that’s shameful...

Anyway, to the rumors:

“They say you fuck around”

“I am no monk”

“They say you fuck around”

Hands in front, praying, “I said I am no monk.., and I have no girlfriend, so am betraying nobody”

“I m just telling you what I heard” (I know I know)

“I heard worse” (Much worse)

“You know, I do not like men who sleep with many women” (ME, many women??? You MUST be joking)


“Yes I think that is not nice, I do not respect it” (Hmmmm, nothing is one sided, is it?)

So the conversation continues... With the girl saying these on one side, another listening on the other side... Whaaa I got pissed...

Let’s look at the woman accusing me:

Came to my place (picked her up from one of her friends’ place) because there was a group sex incident at her own place where at least one of the involved people was a one night stand. Situation can be that two had sex, the others were just present, or the others also joined, I do not know the situation.

Asked to come to my friends place (so much regret to have said no, ‘cause of my respect to my friend (another author here)) Because Jukka* (living together with Heidi*, and both are good friends of this Sini) had found a girl, and had no place to go to at that night, so he took Sini’s place... Ola ola...

When I have met her group in a bar, many times a guy from her close friends’ group has left the place with a lady to unknown adventures...

And this woman accuses me, UNFAIR UNFAIR UNFAIR..

*names made up

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