Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Eeeeeeazy Riiider

How many times does a man need to hear these words:

“Do you think Finnish women are easy?”

Or some other way of saying those words in a not so nice way as I have put it?

I have lost count.

Well, let’s see..

The number of intn’l students coming here adds up geometrically (That is, instead of 1,2,3,4; we get 1,2,4,8) every year.. When I came first, we were 40. Then came 80. 200. These numbers are much higher if you consider all round year and non technical arrivals..

There must be a reason.. and most are men.. I hear someone saying “The Finnish winter”. Did I hear right? There must be a mistake... Even the Finns hate it (if not the cold, the darkness)..

And why do the shop owners in south Turkey celebrate upon the arrival of a Finnish tourist group, a group usually buying nothing else than drinks... What has a carpet store worker to celebrate for the arrival of a not-money-spending group?

This argument can be played on, because it does not take place in Finland..

And the question is stated in the wrong society, a society where women are said to be most equal with men.. Where women are said to be independent.. Taking the phrase equal sexes, then we see that, just as men want to have casual sex, so do women.. Oh, no, every woman wants to beloved and love... Until the end of their lives.. Yeah.. yeah…

So, everybody agrees that if wanted, the number of men a woman can lay as one night stands, if she wants to, is much much larger than the case for a man laying women.. So, men are easy, or men do not choose as strict..

In a society, where women are free to choose their behaviour, why do I get asked, accusingly, “that I believe Finnish women are easy of not”.. Self esteem? Or, maybe the women know that having sex in this coutry for a man is so easy that they tend to forget the value? Women know, have always known...

I have seen girls go out with a guy who talked to them, after the 5th minute.. Oh, that is being difficult. Not that it did not happen to me..

And then, one point that pisses me off, is that I actually respect the so-called easiness.. I respect it with all my heart.. But try to get the ladies to understand that...

What would my answer be to the question?


Out of Finland.. Oh yeeFor Finns, Oh yeeeeFor foreigner, it depends,

But for ME, you are so F**KING difficult you cannot imagine..

Yep, here you have the answer.

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