Wednesday, March 26, 2003

The one family

It all started on the day I drank homemade Absinthe..

Exiting Vainola, we entered the bus, I also had my ghost enter the bus too..

We were 6 or 7, all homemade absinthe drinkers, and loud..

In the back were some Finnish guys, silent, and looking at us in a strange way, eyes telling us to shut up..

“Hey guys, do not sit like there is a funeral, let’s sing”, but they did not join...

So, standing, I turn towards the guy sitting beside me, who is drinking something..

Ask what he’s drinking and from there, we get into conversation.

The names are not true but to make it easier..

Kalle tells me to try the girl sitting in front of him, Maria, that she’s an “Easy f**k”..I knew the face from school, but did not approach.

So, we go to Pulse. And some time later I need to pay my dues to mother earth.. Go down to the toilets..

Aha, there is Maria, I say hi, who are you waiting for.. Says she, Kalle..

Oh my, oh my, Kalle is Maria’s li’l bro.. S**t..

Two weeks later, me and the French go to Nite Train,

At some point, Kevin comes and tells me that he met this nice girl, Niina, and he wants her, but, she’s taken, engaged. The confusing thing is that her bigger sister wants him to sleep with her...
Later that night, I learn that, the girl trying to get Niina laid with my friend, her sister, is Maria, the same girl whose brother, Kalle, tried to get me to lay Maria..

Now that is a family....

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