Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Action reaction

As disgusting as I am, dating these women, Kaisa*, and Leena* the same time.. So different they are.. One 20, one 29. One tall, one not.. One hyperactive, one silent and calm...

Anyway, a friday night, I am going to meet Kaisa, and tell her that I want to break up, reason my own. (the real reason was that I understood that we will not have sex for a loooong time to come.. hmmm, I am disgusting).. So we got to Memphis, I get her a cider, myself a Velko, and we start talking.... By the time we leave, we are not dating anymore, and I can concentrate on Leena.

Yeah yeah

Leaving Memphis, I meet Leena in Teerenpeli, planning to have a fun dance night and then go to her home, and continue with the fun.. But she seems calm, unusually calm..I get her to speak, and in the end, reason unimportant, she tells me she wants to end the dating thing.. HA? Did I hear right?

Oh holy s**t, if I had seen this coming, if only I had seen this coming..

Afternoon, I have two girlfriends, early night, I dump one, middle night, I am dumped, in the later hours, I am in a bar, single, beer in my hand, laughing about the night with Topo.. the situation so desperate, nothing else left to do, other than laugh your guts out.

*Names made up

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