Thursday, March 27, 2003

Sauna Fever

My first week here..

Go to the Hervanta Bar Sirkus with some friends.. We meet two nice looking girls there..

Oh, the are also Teekkaris (Tech. students)..

Chat, laugh, dance, flirt... We decide that we should go to Teekkari Sauna, and continue the night..

Good idea..

We go, get into the dressing room, the guys get rid of their clothes, one of the girls gets naked, but the one I was flirting with does not.. I say,

“Come to the sauna, everybody is there”

“No I will not, you only want to have sex with me..” Hö? Isn’t that why people date? (Kidding)

“Now come on, how did you get that idea?” (The problem must be me, I know someone you don’t know, yogiii yogiiii)

“No, I will not come. I do not trust you” Hö?


I go to the sauna, and when I leave for the balcony, I see the girl chatting with a Fin guy.. Before I even had time to feel cold, both left, into the silent night, to get it wet..

I wonder what is the difference in the things that I and the guy wanted.. No, sure, he does not want sex.. He just wants her company, and make her feels protected in his arms, but sex, noooooooo.. Not even in a little part in his body.. Ja ja, no, my ass...

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