Wednesday, March 26, 2003


This girl I meat two years ago, Jenni*. She looked just like Madonna, had a nice stride, nice smile, was a sweet li’l girl..

Those were the times when I was still in the dating mood, so to say.. Started going out on dates with her, chatting, drinking coffee, bla bla bla..

One time, we were sitting near the Koskipuisto, on a bank below some Seagull statue, and I told her that I know there is something wrong.

“I do not trust you”

And some few other words, indicating she will not come to my place, for she is afraid of something I long ago stopped trying to discover...

Some weeks later, I saw her in Ilves, she had dyed her hair, while having too much alcohol in her veins, and that looked bad, no matter for me..

Some more weeks later, again in Ilves, I saw her, and we chatted for some time.. She disappeared.

The bar closed, and I am sitting on a chair, enjoying the sights under bright light, with Burak by my side. The phone rang.

“Finndistan, I do not know where I am, am in a bathroom.. Somewhere in the hotel... ... ... Somebody is knocking at the door... .... Think they will do a party.. .. . .. I do not want to be with the party... . . .. .. Now they want to party in the bathtub.. I want to go... “

“Give the phone to someone there”

“Uh, hullo?”

“Hey, hi.. I heard from Jenni you will have a party there..”

“Yes. We will. Wanna join? Room 1123”

“OK, I will”


So I go to the room somehow, and knock the door..

“Who is it”

“We just talked on the phone, am here to talk to Jenni”

“She’s not here”

“She is, I know, you told me on the phone”

Door opens, and I enter the room, three guys, two in bed with Jenni’s friend, one in bed with the drunk Jenni, who’s covered her face with a pillow. I get Jenni out, and break the party (Now, that was the best part, to distrupt the party!) We talk, and she says she wants to go home, so her friend agrees to take her home, I say OK, and leave Jenni to her friend..

Do not know what they did after that, nor do I care much.. I had my fun in walking to a hotel room filled with 3 horny guys and snatching the woman just from their faces, and none of them even moved. Now that WAS fun!

Ah, and by the way, her friend tells me Jenni likes me, answer:

“As long as she does not know it herself and tells me, it is worthless” (an answer I have loved since then)

Moral of the story, a girl who doesn’t want to come to my place because she doesn’t trust me, sees no problem to go to a hotel room with 3 other guys, her girlfriend being just a detail...
Mama donna,I just wonda....

Some of you will say that eventually she wanted to go away, but the point is that she went there in the first place... Ah ma-donna ah.. *names made up

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