Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Reasons for dinner

After meeting her in a place with a bed a couple of times,

One night I met her in a bar.

She had way too much to drink..

Asked me if I would join her to her place..

Said “No thanx”..

Wanted me to explain why.. Told her I had my reasons.

I left the dancefloor..

Saw this blonde lady, I have been having eye contact with for the last 3 weeks.
Went to her, we started chatting.

We sat down... And suddenly this other lady appeared on the other side of my flirt.

She sat there a quarter of an hour, until she told my flirt she wants to speak with me..

What is there to do?

So, the talk starts,

Tells me many things, some true some not, most unnecessary complexities...

But the best part:

“Why did you come to dinner when I invited you?”

Why indeed, that is a very hard question.. “Look at my options, one, go out with some guys, have guy talk.. two, stay home (and mast**bate), three, go to a beautiful girl home, have dinner watch a movie and possibly have a nice night (it was quite nice indeed). What shall I choose in your opinion”

So ends the story.. She got up, and I went back to my flirt, to dance a slow song...

Indeed, did I do wrong by going to dinner.. Should I really have stayed home, and fooled around with my “brains” : )

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