Thursday, March 27, 2003


So, now it is near the end of the night subject to the story “Reasons for dinner”.

I have danced with my flirt, and we will leave the bar, Doris. She will not come with me nor will she invite me to her home, but I got the promise of walking her to her home, while having a coffee on the way.. That’s a start.

She tells me she’s going to tell goodbye to her friends, and then meet me at the stairs. Says me, ok.

I go to the stairs, oh who I see there, the heavy metal girl I have slept with, two weeks ago. Shit...

She turns to me, looks into my eyes, and flop, puts her hand into my pants.. I take the hand away.. She puts it in again, this time managing to get into my underpants.. I take the hand away, shake my head.. Takes her hand, grabs my crotch, and says,

“Let’s have fun”

I see the blonde hair approaching fastly.. Oh oh

“Can’t”, take her hand away

“Why?” (no comment)

“Gonna have tea with a lady, that’s why..” (For once I say the truth)

Now my flirt is behind me waiting, and the heavy metal girl starts,

“I thought you were different than the others when we met.. .. .. .. you same .. .. .. .no personality (I just wait and wait) . . .. .. .. .. .. you just wanted to f**k (so?).. .. .. .... shallow.. .... ... “

“Going, bye.”


So I left, thinking about the possibilities of what kind of thoughts my flirt must have in mind...

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