Thursday, August 04, 2011

Smelly Media: Your body your choice, at least don't maim it for life

TS: More demand for addiction services among expectant mothers

Expectant mothers using drugs or alcohol are increasingly common in Finland. According to the Turku newspaper Turun Sanomat, hospitals are reporting a rise in the number of expectant mothers in need of specialist treatment to deal with drug or alcohol problems.
So many women I see with their bellies up to their noses coming to the loud bars; even if they are not drinking that shows that that woman is unfit to be a mother.

Motherhood is not a right, it is a responsibility; that seems to escape many people, also in the legislative circles.

A draft law making treatment for expectant mothers with drug or alcohol problems mandatory is expected to be ready this year. The law makes the unborn child’s health paramount over the wishes of an addicted mother.
One step forward.
What about giving the child up for adoption?
I mean if a father slaps a kid once, the kid is taken away, and the father, even if he made a mistake that he regrets is f¤%ked for life.
If a woman drugs the child, she needs help... and keeps the child... someone explain me how this is not first child abuse and endangerment and attempt at bodily harm and emotional distress?

And slapping or spanking a child, not that I condone it, but has been common practice for human history. Look at what we have running around now due to the lack of discipline. 12 year old girls running around half naked, full drunk, 15 year olds entering the bars on fake I.D.'s, proud to be sextoys of older kids. Good job the laws did on protecting the children!
A mother doing drugs? The only times in history when this was used was to abort the baby. Humans have always found ways to get rid an unborn (or a born, for that matter), and in no instance of history, not even a speck, has the mother been high for the good of the child.

Such a woman needs treatment,

And the child of such a woman needs a family. this is the father, if he is fit to be a father, it is a foster family, in other cases. Given from birth, and no contact to the mother till she is clean for years.

A similar law is already in force in Norway, but for example in Sweden the legislative proposal has not yet been confirmed.
Sweden's a lost case anyway.

Anybody looking to Sweden for which laws to enact is a fool.

The only way to look at Sweden is to see which laws not to enact.

Actually in the case of Sweden, taking every single law in Swedish books and implementing the exact reverse cannot really turn out worse than Sweden has turned out to be; or will turn into in less than ten years.

In the case of Sweden, remember that the Swedish wealth was built by previous generation with now defunct laws. The lake will run dry eventually.

Norway has oil.

Every Swedish soldier is pledging allegiance to a Lion whose balls got cut off. What an honor that is. Oh and the rumor is that the number of soldiers will be reduced to 5.000...

If that happens, I suggest an idea for the new Swedish Army Banner:

For the ones in the dark, this is actually what did happen to the Swedish Lion:

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