Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smelly Media: Getting bored with Greece

HS poll: Half of Finns want Greece out of the Euro

Nearly half of Finns would like Greece to leave the euro zone, according to a poll for the daily broadsheet Helsingin Sanomat. 
The dumb Finns!!!

Don't they know that Bulgaria and Romania will enter the Eurozone soon?

How come they want to exclude the birthplace of the west as we know it?

Ignorant peasants of the swamplands...

A fifth of respondents want Finland to leave the euro. More than half, though, wanted Finland to assist eurozone countries in economic difficulty.
Well, if the Euro means that the hard working are working to subsidize the people drinking tea in places where the sun shines to heat your bones... To pay the retirements of people who retire few years earlier than you, and in many cases get a retirement benefit that is double of yours, in a place where the food costs almost half...  to students who riot every year for benefits that are multiples of yours, in a place where living costs,.... half...

To subsidize a touristic country that instead of trying to strengthen its touristic attraction has taxi drivers on strike... in a recession...

I wonder when the German people will soon revolt to go back to the Deutsche Mark.

Some 44 percent of those questioned were of the opinion that Greece undermines the whole euro zone, and the country should therefore leave the currency union. Expulsion of Greece from the euro is supported by some 70 percent of True Finns supporters.
Besides other things, it is well known that Greece cooked the books to enter the Euro, and the Eurocrats knew this. In the Greek context the Euro was undermined by this collaboration.

I am no economist, so I need help.
Here we get an expert opinion:
“People have a short-term perspective on these issues,” said Aalto University economics professor Matti Pohjola in a Helsingin Sanomat interview. They don’t really consider alternatives to the euro.” 
"People have short term perspective on these issues"

So is this not kind of an admission that universal unearned suffrage is not beneficial in the long term?

So people have a short term perspective on these issues.

Now tell me again, why does everyone get to vote?

Let's ignore this little thorn in my mind.

So people have a short term perspective;

What do the politicians and their friends have?

Before almost every crisis, you see the marks of politicians passing some laws,

Before almost every crisis, there is the role of the politicians,

Almost every crisis can be traced back to the politicians and their friends/financiers/owners.

Ok, as they are a different breed than "people", they are not short sighted,

I would like to know where their sights are.

Give the euro to the people, destroying national economies

Give welfare to the people, crippling the working class

Give safe-speech laws to people, effectively sewing their lips tight
Give child-protection laws to people, now kids are drowning because men are rightfully afraid to help
Give anti-aggression laws to people, now women are getting raped, people not helping due to the risk of being sued
Give globalism to the people, oops, where the jobs have gone
Give feminism to the people, birth rate falls to demographic suicide levels
Give business legislation to the people, only the biggest businesses can pay for the fees
Give diversity to people, only for them to realize that diversity means incompatibleness
Give multiculti to the people, only for them to realize multiculti does not mean happiculti

Tells me the people with the short sight definitely have their sight on better things.

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