Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tall Ships Day 1 - 2.35AM-3.35AM - Scorching the earth, being called out, and a happy ending

Am in Turku for the Tall Ships Race weekend.

The first night starts with my friends taking me to a place called "School"...

A place that I passed by so many times and never gave a second glance turns out to be an excellent old school turned brewery. Place was just beautiful.

Then we check a few other places, and as the friends and their ladies are tired, I decide to roll solo, at 2.35 AM

2.35 AM.

The Camel Lover

The absinth I had has upset my stomach, so when i enter the club, I immediately make my way to the bar to get some water.

Does not take 30 seconds, some good looking early 40ish Finnish dude whose face looks familiar comes up to me, extends his hand and

"Selamun aleikum"
"I don't use that"
"Ha.... where are you from?"
"AAA and XXX"
"*Hello*" in XXX
"Hi" in Finnish I reply
"'How are you'" in XXX
"Good thanks" in Finnish I reply
"I have been in XXX many times, and ten years in Arab countries" he says...
"Good" I say.

"I know the Al Fatiha" he says
"I know what it is" I say. Since I had my first religion lessen, at the age I did not know the word "F¤ck" so I had thought to myself, "For donkeys butts, I am not going to pray in Arabic"; so I never bothered to even read that twice. I was in religion classes so that I would not be shunted by other students. Ah, viva la diversiteee... Mofos (the multicultists in the west).

In a bar, drunk, holding a beer in his hand, he starts:


While he is halfway through the prayer, I get my water.

He finishes, I am sipping my water.

I had told him I am XXX;

"Are you YYY" he asks me, which is same as asking a South Korean if he is North Korean; insinuating that the North is better than the South.
"No. XXX"

I sip my water.
Then he says

"I know the Shahada"
"Good for you" I say
"Do you know it?"
"I do" but, I will not put it to my mouth unless it is a life and death situation
"Ah" he looks down to his beer, "maybe I should not say it, I am drunk"
"Yea, maybe you should not"
"Yea".... ten seconds later "Ashadu...."

I look around while the prayer is recited fully to me by a drunk Finn in a sinhouse.

He looks at my glass of water

"It is Ramadan"
"It is"
"My friends don't drink or f¤ck in Ramadan"... yea, effing hypocrites... as if drinking and porking is allowed normally allowed for them...
"Good for them"
"You also have a glass of water"
"Yea, cause the Absinth effed my stomach"
"But it is Ramadan"
"Yea, Absinth was one too much"

"Which is your town?"
"Town X"
"Ahh, that is a YYY town"; a town in XXX;

I turn around at this point as I have no intention in educating an ignorant dipsh%t; who claims to have read the Q'uran, and has missed the point about non-believers, and especially Christians, of which he claims to be one. I am talking about the non-PC interpretations.  

He leaves saying something else in Arabic. I bid him farewell.

Scorched Earth

I needed some air;

So I went to the patio.

On the way back, I see this girl that I had seen in the bar "School"

She was looking serious in the School, and here she is still looking serious.

A'ight, I think to myself,

With maybe not the best approach,

"Hey, you were also in the School tonight"
"The School"
"Only.. five.. minutes" in a way that was not very inviting, and with a tad of arrogance. I sensed I would be blown out, but I was not going down like that.

"Yea, time enough to get your non-smiling face of yours" I say, straight face, my hands imaginarily pulling my lips down.


I retreated, leaving scorched earth behind me.

No regrets, had to be done.

Was I wrong? Could it have been shyness on her part? Maybe. But the arrogance was there, and the dismissive demeanor was there.

So, the face I saw after I uttered was just right what I wanted to see.

 "You are..."

I have to say, all the night I was being stoic. Leaning to the bar, or standing straight, either no impression or a smirk on my face.

At some point a 35ish woman comes to stand behind me,

I see her looking at me, from my peripheral vision, I look straight ahead,
I see her looking again, so I slowly turn my head, look her dead in the eye, and turn my head,

Then I see her pointing her finger at me, saying something and shaking it, so I point my finger at her and make motions with it, poking, circling etc,
She goes "Hmph" and turns around.

Then she turns and starts saying something, I twist my head and silent-speak "What?"

She comes to me and says,

"You are looking totally cocky"
"What am I?"
"You are looking totally cocky"
I shrugh, she goes "Hmph", and turns...

Goes dancing.

I stand, looking straight ahead, shit eating smirk on my face.

Camel lovers VS Women

My Arab lover comes back, totally disparaged,

"Women are stupid"; waving his hands in the air

I shrug

He continues his walk

3.35AM - The ending

So I leave the bar; smiling at myself; see a kid walking around with his buddies, with a pair of women's dress shoes in his hand;

A few steps later there is this hippie kid singing a song with his guitar,

"Welcome to Finland,
The land of thousand suicides"

Part 2

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