Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smelly Media: Celebating diversity homogenously

Faces Festival joyfully promotes diversity

Of course joyfully... Lots of joyful booze... Lots of joyful mind altering substances... Lots of joyful drunken sex.

But looking at the one picture selected for the article, I do not see diversity.

What I see is one hippy dippy jumping in the wet sand.

Despite the Norwegian tragedy the festival is being marked by joyful events and a belief that the world can be become a better place.

“This festival is our reaction to the events in Norway because we emphasize tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity in a positive way,” says Festival Director Börje Mattson.

Of course what better way to mourn the dead of tens of people of your age and your political views, - brothers and sisters in ideology, if you will, - than getting drunk and high and jumping to music, and then shagging like unprotected smashed rabbits?

Must be the new progressive funeral. 

The world can become a better place, but not by the route that is right now dictated to us.

Flow Festival reminds me of the people that were dancing on the Titanic, expect that these are happily steering the ship onto that colorful iceberg.

Being a child of diversity does not stop me from speaking my mind.

Mattson points out that the theme of this year’s festival is ”Viva la difference” is aimed at countering the negative reaction in some circles in Finland to immigrants, sexual minorities, the handicapped or other cultures.

"Viva la difference"
So what if a group is more prone to be violent?

"Viva la difference"
So what if a group is totally intolerant of other views?
"Viva la difference"
So what if a group condones rape?
"Viva la difference"
What if one group is unemployable?
"Viva la difference"

A house built of cards. All that's needed is a slight wind, or a small spark, or maybe someone to piss on it.

It will crumble. Taking that Jumping Jack down with it.

Faces (YLE) “We want to demonstrate that diversity enriches and is great,” Mattson adds.
How exactly?
How did you demontrate that diversity is great in the long run?
And how exactly is diversity great besides allowing for exotic food, novelty fucks, and a self righteous feel good feeling?

The programme of the Faces Etnofestival includes music, dance, theatre, poetry, art, workshops and bazaars, children's Small Faces and a Roots Village.

Indoctrinating them young.
Educating them young.

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