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Smelly Media: SlutWalks; Stupid Sluts Walking & SlutWalkers are rape apologists

I had been waiting for this idiocy to come over here. How could the strong, independent, empowered, and of utmost importance, sexually liberated women let this one go?

Oh, how could they?

SlutWalk planned for Helsinki

            Finnish women will take to the streets this weekend, in an attempt to provoke   discussion about sexual self-determination. The idea of the so called SlutWalks originated in Canada and spread across the world. Organisers   want to ensure the way women dress can not be used as a justification for   sexual assault. 
            It is only these idiots who think the way women dress was a justification for sexual assault. Talk about having your brain in your ass. But more on the justification issue at the end.

SlutWalks have taken place worldwide since April, when a policeman told   Toronto students that they should not dress like sluts if they wanted to   avoid being victimised. 
Is the policeman the person with knowledge? Yes.
Does he have the best interest of women in mind? Yes.
Has he, in his years in his occupation as savior and protector, seen that women who dress provocatively get assaulted more often? Yes.
Do statistics back him up? Yes.
Does common sense back this up? Yes.
Do these Lettuces as Brains think otherwise? Yes.
Does the world have to function according to the thousands years of experience and human nature? No.
Does the world have to function to the brainfarts of these Lettuces as Brains? Yes.

Do women flaunt their sexuality all over the place like the plague in medieval europe? They do.
Are men assaulted by untouchable sexuality left and right? Yes they are.
Do men attack women left and right? They don't.
Are there men with criminal tendencies? There are.
Will there be men with criminal tendencies? There will be.
Will a woman showing excess skin arouse men? It will.
Will most men attack? No.
Will more skin increase the likelyhood that a criminal man in the vicinity will be aroused above the threshold of self control? Yes.
So, will a woman dressing slutty and behaving slutty, increase the chance that she will cause the wrong man to feel too aroused? Yes.

So my motto for the SlutWalkers is:
Empowering more women to get raped, one woman at a time.

You don't play with nature. You do not mock nature. You do not legislate nature. You build houses in the riverbeds, the floods will rip them apart. You can walk all you want. The more houses you cause to be built, even if the flood rips them apart, you are partly responsible.
Human nature includes the bad parts also. Men and women.

The Helsinki SlutWalk will take place this Saturday. Organisers say that   Finland needs to see more of a discussion of the issues around sexual   assault and womens sexual self-determination. 
What more sexual self determination you want?
You can fuck whomever, whenever, wherever you want, nobody says anything.
If you get an STD, there is free healthcare, if you get a baby, there is welfare.
Ah, now if you are talking about men's preferences, oh, you are entering a zone where you dictating to men whom they should be attracted to.
That is one step too far. Cannot control or dictate what we feel attracted to.
Remember, ladies "It just happened" with that dude for you, "I just does not happen" when it comes for a us to feel for you.  Can happen. Sexuality is a bitch.

Probably nobody would dare to say that it was your own fault if you wore a   miniskirt, said Helsinki SlutWalk organiser Laura Hallikas. But there is   an atmosphere in which women are divided into decent women and sluts.  
So, nobody would dare to say that it was a woman's fault if she wore a miniskirt, but we all are still guilty of saying that it is a woman's fault if she wore a miniskirt.
Decent women, and sluts.
The last time I checked women divided men into "Marry, Fuck, Kill" categories, have yet had to find one woman who did not cherishingly play this game.
The last time I checked, women divided men into "Sex toy, Special, Who?"; where the "Sex toy" got all the sex, "Special" got rationed sex, plus the tab of the SexToy(s), the "Who?" did not even exist in her perception.

Hallikas believes it is wrong that womens own behaviour is judged. The victim   and even the perpetrators motivations are not as important as the general   power structure, according to Hallikas. 
What power structure? WTF she is talking about? And who ever talked about the victim's motivations?
These feminists are deranged individuals living in lalalalaland, taking societies down one by one, getting women raped and killed one by one. Feminists, hate women. That is the only conclusion. The only logical conclusion, if you were looking for logic in the brainfarts of Lettuce as Brains. 

Ladies, you don't like being labeled sluts, then don't be one.

Here are some ideas about the issue; to show you that I am really not judging any slut. No, I really am not. No. Look:

It just happens that I feel attracted towards decent women. Don’t know  why, don’t know how, there is nothing I can do about it. I would really  like to take a slut out to dinner and give her a ring, but somehow I do  not feel the chemistry. Something is missing, not there. the feeling is  not right. The butterflies in my stomach are not flying. It is more like  hedgehogs in my stomach. Dunno why. I do not understand it because a  woman is not responsible for her choices, things just happen to her, so  why does this lack of attraction happen to me? Why, oh why do I feel the urge to chat up a decent woman? I do not want to, but it just happens.

I am the original feminist.
I totally respect the value a woman has decided her sexuality will be. Since the evil patriarchy forces women to watch what they say, I look at her actions. I look at the true woman.
If she decided her sexuality is worth only free love with no time, emotion or energy investment from guys, I totally respect that.
I even respect it so much that when the evil patriarchy forces her to demand a higher value for her sexuality, I outright deny the oppression of the patriarchy and value her at the value she has chosen. The patriarchy is s%&t out of luck in this case.

Walks like a slut, talks like a slut, f%&ks like a slut,
Is a slut.
Respect the hard earned badge of honor.

Now bit more serious:
Any woman who has ever labeled a man "Loser", any woman who has ever judged a man as "Creep" has decided she can judge.
Don't judge, lest you be judged.
That man was a "Loser"?
Now you have to behave, lest you be rightfully labeled "Loose".

Now tell me,
If a woman blew a guy in the bar bathroom, had sex in the parking lot, was a groupie for any group of men, etc etc - insert "sexually liberated woman" act;
Would a man not feel stupid if he would take her out on a dinner first?

What if the issue with sluts is not judgment, I mean men do shag sluts whenever possible;
What if the issue was of attraction. Short term attraction there, but long term, rather a feeling of dread?
What if the issue was a real cost benefit analysis?
What if the issue was feeling stupid to pay the price of a brand new Harley Davidson for the village cycle?
It is just that men see sluts for what the ladies have chosen themselves to be.
The slut label is the biggest proof that men respect women's choices they make.
We respect you.

We utterly fully totally respect you.


My curiosity:

The issue about justification came up few years back when a guy in holland said that "Women not of this faith can be and deserve to be raped." Yea, I censored myself. And this happened more than once. In the UK and in Denmark are the ones that I remember. Just google if interested.

Where were the SlutWaltkers then? (Crickets chirping.. crich crich crich criiiich)

Tells me the SlutWalkers are rape apologists, are rape supporters, and encourage rape, with their absence.

Yea yea, walk because a Canadian good willing officer told you how you could minimize risk.

Tells me the SlutWalkers don't want women not to get raped, by preventing women to learn about possible risk minimizing measures.

Helping women get raped, one woman at a time.

Note to women: The Canadian policeman has your best interests in mind, unlike these Feminitnaziwits who would sacrifice you for their ideology without blinking an eye. The policeman risked sacrificing himself.

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