Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smelly Media: People do vote. With their feet

Reports of Finnish parents divorcing and the father "moving" into a new home, so their kids can go to a different school than the one which they would be assigned to otherwise;

Reports of Finnish parents buying a smaller second home, and take their residency to there, so their kids can go to a different school than the one which they would be assigned to otherwise;

Finns just escaping their neighborhoods in a little reported incident of Finn-flight,

These are the words from the street;

The policymakers and the media, of course do not listen, or do not want to listen:

Low Support for Ethnic Quotas in Schools

A poll by the daily Helsingin Sanomat shows that around one in three residents in the southern region of Uusimaa would back ceilings on the number of children of immigrant background in individual schools.

That is how you twist the numbers.

30% is low?

Those are the ones who had the courage to speak up. Nowadays you risk losing your job, or even getting prosecuted if you say anything other than the PC approved catch phrases.

30%... low support.. my a$$...

10% for anything is a tipping point and you got 30%...

Children from immigrant families make up more than half of all pupils in some schools in the capital region, while there are other schools with none at all. The National Board of Education has urged local governments to examine the issue of achieving a better ethnic balance in schools. However, this survey found that a majority of people oppose the idea of ethnic quotas.
Who is with me in thinking at least some of the ones who oppose this ceiling (which would by its nature introduce minimum base quota for the other schools) have their kids in majorly Finnish schools? Why break something that is working for you? Can't blame them.

The lowest levels of support for the idea were found among supports of the Left Alliance and the Green League. Ahh.. my beloved left and green...

As long as they proclaim good intentions... Who cares about the outcome...

Before I close, want to bet which schools have happier pupils, better test scores, less trouble and more success in general? Not racism; just showing diversity is not the golden fountain of happiness that it is cherished to be. 

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