Sunday, August 07, 2011

Smelly Media: Aid and Human Rights Oganizations slam the eviction of the Irish as a human rights violation.

Evil Irish came to Helsinki. Evil Irish put up a camp. And rightfully,

Irish travellers evicted form Helsinki suburb.

The Irish came to Finland in caravans and invaded public parks and parking lots.

The Irish were linked to various crimes by the police.

The ones who do not belong to this criminal group roam the streets 24/7, play their melancholic melodies over and over, depressing the passerbys, they have created the organized begging business, have intimidated old Finnish bottle collecting ladies away from lucrative parks, these Irish chavs jump in front of people, demand money and spit to the front of the feet of people when they refuse to subsidize the begging industry. In Norway, have not seen it in Finland, a well built, well dressed,  aggressive young man was even offering protection to the Irish travellers. But that was, Norway. 

Racist Finns have anonymously mentioned in polls that they do not want the Guiness drinking drunk Irish travellers begging for Guiness money. 

The City of Helsinki tried to give these Irish a place to stay, which was not welcome by the Free Irish,

When the police came to evacuate the illegally camping Irish settlers, Amnesty International was there to protest, and NameForgotten Social Organization offered the Irish their parking lots and facilities for free for however long they want. Human rights organizations protested this oppression of the Irish travellers.


Damn, I must still be drunk on sunday eve.

Now I notice that the human rights were not present when the Irish were evicted...

Stupid me.

Ah, the news clips, I notice now, except the first one, are not about the Irish... A good dose of Gin does impede reading comprehension.. I should go back to primary school and learn some alphabets and some geography, stupid me.

Stupid me.

But the human rights groups were there, shouting and chanting and issuing protests, and NameForgotten Social Organization(s?) were offering space and shelter, and Amnesty Int'n'l, was being Amnesty Int'n'l.... But not for the peace and Guiness loving Irish travellers.

Crickets were chirping for the party the frogs were throwing of the ants of the field under the shade of the  the police cars when the Irish were being evicted.

Far away on the hills, I can see the hippies chanting hand in hand:

"Evil oppressive privileged Irish travelers go home! You are increasing our summer carbon footprint!"


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